Condor Chest rig

A low cost and high quality MCR5 Chest Rig from Condor

Condor Chest rigIf you carry a lot of tactical stuff with you on the Airsoft field then you probably had some moments when you were thinking about how easily it would be to have everything at your fingertips. We mostly want to have our tactical stuff like a pistol, mag pouches and other utility close with us. That way you can easily change magazine and don’t get shot out.

If you are looking for a cheap piece of tactical gear instead of a  cross-draw vest then this one is right for you! When you become serious about Airsofting then you definitely need something like a chest rig in order to take all your equipment with you.

I learned a lot from researching on the internet and I want to share it with you so you can learn a bit and you will be prompted to get yourself a decent tactical gear.

This is an chest rig which I found out is the most (or almost?) likely chest rig belong Airsofters. It has a great variety of pouches, is very adjustable, well made and light weight. The purpose of a chest rig is to be able to operate efficient during fire fights.

In this review I’m going to go in-depth about why you should at least consider this chest rig adding to your gear.


First let’s talk specs, shall we? Here are some of the most notable features which will satisfy most Airsofters. Below I show you in list format a couple of features and I will be expanding them throughout this article:

  • Available in a variety of colors like Brown, OD Geen, Tan and Black
  • A lot of storage room – 3 sets of mag pouches which can hold 2 M4  mags each
  • On front of the mag pouches extra pistol mag pouches
  • It’s main construction is based on a standard chest rig
  • Easy to release buckles in the front
  • variety of nylon webbing on the straps + D-ring attachment points
  • Extra attachment options available on both sides (4 rows)
  • Around the rim on the top 3 main – much bigger –  pouches
  • Velcro cross retention system on the back
  • All straps allow for adjustment
  • Specialized rotation claps at both sides which means everything for adjustability
  • Additional mesh pocket on interior
  • Adjustable waist size 30″-60″

What do you actually get?

the main construction of the MCR5 is a standard chest rig meaning that you have a lower chest rig panel, shoulder straps, and a cross area in the back to keep the vest centered and to make sure it fit’s well. So you can see it as a light version of a Airsoft vest.

That being said, this chest rig is kind of half weight compared with the standard Condor vest. That is due to less material used and because it’s made out of Nylon so actually it’s decent quality.

This MCR5 comes with a variety of colors brown, OD green, Tan and black. It’s very comfortable and you get a load of room around your shoulders and arms so don’t have your arms all squished in. With some vests you get less room to freely move, so it’s honestly very comfortable. You will experience that also with the fit around the upper belly area and around your waist.


On the front you got 3 individual sets of magazine pouches that are actually sewn to the front. So instead of the MCR4 which has an entire molly panel on it’s own, this chest rig has already integrated magazine pouches. These 3 pouches are all double stack pouches. In these 3 pouches you can store 2 sets of M4 magazines per pouch, with a total of 6 magazines.

Chest rig pouchesNot only M4 magazines will fit. G36 magazines, AK magazines and Tipmann magazines should fit also. On the front of the magazine pouches you’ve got pistol magazine pouches with a single M4 style flap. On the side you got also magazine pouches but they have separated flap pouches.

The first row on top of the chest rig there you will find three main pouches. These pouches are bigger than the other pouches. These pouches are meant to put some other stuff in it like a dead rag or a map or something like that.


retention systemOn the back you’ve got the velcro cross retention system. This will keep you from having unbalanced weight on your chest rig. Or one side being lower of shifting on you. They put a extra piece of velcro that ties two straps together. That way it will prevent you from having unbalanced weight or being uneven over your shoulder.

It also comes with shoulder pads which are very important to have especially when having long engagements.These pads will ensure you from having blisters or getting plane wounds while moving forward because these buckles will drag down in your shoulder. So these pads are indispensable when you’re having a fully load out. I recommend every brand to having these pads because these are extremely beneficial.

All the straps allow for adjustments and are tight with velcro as well. So when you put it on or take it off , after adjustment you can use the velcro to keep the straps away so they doesn’t flap around when you’re moving around on the field.

Condor chest rig rotating claspsAnother very nice feature are these rotating clasps. If you go for comfort and adjustability then this is for you. It allows the chest rig to pivot and swivel while you’re moving in different positions. So wearing a chest rig that is just sewn can get uncomfortable and bunch and bind on you. That way you really can get uncomfortable in moving your body.

Load out

I want to show you some different gears you can add on to your chest rig so you can built you own unique rig if you want. Most of the chest rigs are very adjustable also in a way to put on extra gear. So if you want to have your options open then this chest rig is something you will consider after reading this.


The molly on the left and right side gives you the opportunity to put some extra pouches or a extra holster on it. Because most of you have a extra sidearm a pistol holster is definitely something to consider. I prefer a thumb break pistol holster but I don’t know if there is some which is suitable. I found some molle pistol holster form Condor but on this thing I don’t really know if this is the right one because it has velcro to which I do not prefer. Maybe you can give me some suggestions in the comments below.

What I do found is a Condor Tactical Sidekick Pouch with molle loops. This one looks great and many Airsofters give a positive review on this one. Click here to follow the link to this Tactical Pouch.


If you don’t want to carry several bottles with you to hydrate yourself during a Skirm you should consider a Hydration Bladder. Therefore you need a Hydro Harness in which you can safely put the Hydro Bladder in.

The hydro harness is compatible with the MCR5 Chest Rig. It also is compatible with older/newer versions like MCR4, MCR6 and MCR7. It is even compatible with the MCR3.  It allows you to carry your water and your gear with one item. It is made out of the same material as the Chest Rig. This Harness is very adjustable and fits the average adult.

On the back of the harness you will find 4×4 MOLLE webbing where you can put all kinds of gear and extra pouches.

Overall it’s durable and a great addition to the Recon Chest Rig. I you are loaded out with your chest rig than the Hydro Harness will balance you out a little bit. The weight from you Chest Rig will be compensated by the weight of the Hydro Harness. That is also why you can wearing if for hours!


This Condor MCR5 is a decent chest rig, made out of Nylon D1000 and is very light weight, almost half weight of your vest. There is plenty of room to storage your equipment. It is in almost every way adjustable and you get this all for a decent price.

If you are interested in this Chest Rig you can check the latest price on Airsoft Station. Follow this link to the condor Recon Chest Rig.  This website is trustworthy an they provide competitive prices. Because prices are about to change so check the actual price today!

If I have missed something then leave me some feedback!

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