Top Tips For First Time Airsofters

I still remember my first time in Airsoft. As of it was yesterday… I had really hard times because I did not do my own research to find out what the rules are, what kind of replica I should have chosen and how important safety (gear) is.

answer paragraph / conclusions

From my own experience and also from the many research I did on the internet I created a list / article with the most important topics from which you can derive great tips and help in order to persist your first day in Airsoft!


Don’t spent a crazy amount of time online researching and analyzing the Airsoft sport. If you keep searching for more information you don’t have the time an courage to really play Airsoft.

Sometimes it’s better to take the first step by going out there and having fun. Don’t stress yourself too much with gear and being awesome. Grab your Airsoft replica, search for a local site and have fun. After a few games or weekends of play you have a better understanding of what it’s all about and if it’s something you like or not.