Reload Airsoft Guns

How to Reload Airsoft Guns Depending on the Type of Gun

Like real combat, Airsoft is a game of precision, speed, and tactical genius. 

You need to understand how your type of gun works and how to get it locked and loaded in time, so you don’t end up becoming a sitting duck on the field.

We know all too well the pressure of getting it right. That’s why today we’ll go over how to load the most popular guns quickly and accurately. 

Table of Contents

  1. How to Load Airsoft Electric Guns
  2. How to Load a Green Gas Gun
  3. Frequently Asked Questions
  4. Playing Your Best Airsoft Game Yet

How to Load Airsoft Electric Guns 

Electric guns, popularly known as AEGs, are battery-powered guns with a piston assembly system that runs on a motor. 

AEG magazines can either be high, medium, or low capacity, and each type is loaded differently, as outlined below.

How to Load a High Capacity AEG Magazine

High capacity (high-cap) magazines have two main features:

  • They have a spur gear that looks like a winding wheel near the bottom of the gun. This wheel is responsible for creating a pressure build-up in the reservoir, enough to push the bullets out.
  • They produce a rattling sound each time you shake the magazine because there are no channels inside. Therefore, the BBs have space to move around in the reservoir. 

Here are the steps to follow when reloading a high-capacity gun. 

  1. Open the trapdoor. On the top part of the magazine, you’ll find a hatch with an opening that will give you access to the reservoir that holds the BBs.

    opening where BBs go into the reservoir

  2. Pour the BBs inside the magazine through the opening. Make sure not to put more than your gun can handle. Don’t attempt to press the bullets down to fit more. Otherwise, the shooting mechanism won’t work. 

Remember, there are no channels to hold the BBs. So the bullets need to be adequately spaced to push each other out effectively.

To put the BBs inside, you can use:

  • Your hands
  • A container or ziplock bag with a small hole in one corner
  • A speed loader

Note: A speed loader is a small device that you can use to load BBs faster. Watch this video to see how to use a speed loader.

Loading BBs into a high-cap magazine with a speed loader
  1. Close the hatch and put the magazine back onto your gun. Now, wind the small gear that you’ll find on the lower part of the magazine to pressurize the reservoir. Stop when you feel a lot of resistance from the winding gear.
winding gear at the bottom of the magazine to pressurize the reservoir

If you hear a clicking sound, you’ve reached the maximum pressure point possible. Don’t wind beyond this point because too much pressure interferes with the shooting mechanism. Your high cap gun is now ready to go. 

mid and low

How to Load Mid and Low Capacity AEG Guns

Mid and low capacity guns are not designed to hold large volumes of BBs. Most can only hold 50 – 100 or less depending on the make. They also have channels inside the magazine for the BBs. That’s why they don’t rattle when you move. 

To load the gun with BBs:

  1.  Hold your magazine firmly and locate the feed inlet at the top of the magazine.

    inlet hole for bullets

  2. Put the BBs inside through the feed inlet, and push them down until the magazine is packed to the brim. Press the magazine and bullets down to build the tension necessary to fire the gun. 

Since mid to low capacity guns have channels inside them, you don’t have to worry about leaving some space between the bullets.

Note: Mid and low cap guns don’t have a winding mechanism, so you need to ensure that you push the bullets down properly to create enough pressure.

Alternatively, you can use a speed loader to put the BBs. It will create enough tension because it pushes the bullets down at high velocity. Now attach the magazine on the gun and fire away. 

Watch this video to walk you through the process of loading your AEGs. 

Elite force hk

How to Load a Green Gas Gun 

Green gas guns need both gas and BBs in the magazine to work effectively. 

Side Note: The power output on green gas guns comes from the controlled release of the gas (a mixture of propane and silicone oil) stored in the magazine. 

You can either buy pre-packed green gas containers packaged for Airsoft, or get an adapter with a small valve to use on a regular propane canister. 

Below are the steps for loading the gun.

  1. Pull back the feeding mechanism. On the side of the magazine, you’ll see a small knob. Pull it back to open up the BB receiving inlet.

    side knob opening for BB inlet

  2. Now insert the BBs into the magazine. You can either put them in individually using your hands or with a speed loader. Ensure that the bullets line up and have even spaces between them.

    If the bullets are haphazard, you can use the back of your speedloader to move them until they line up.

  3. Once you’ve loaded your BBs, fill the magazine with gas. Flip the magazine upside down and locate the gas input valve. Some magazines will have sliding or flip covers over the inlet valve. You will have to open the covering to access the opening.

    When you’ve located the valve, hold the gas canister upside down and give it a good shake, then insert it inside the inlet valve.

    Press the canister down and hold it for about 5 – 6 seconds or until the magazine is full. You’ll know it’s full when it stops hissing.

    Don’t worry about overfilling the magazine. Once it’s filled, it will simply stop taking in more gas.

    Ensure that you hold the gas canister straight (see picture below) and not at an angle, to avoid damaging the gas mechanism, which may result in your gun leaking.

    filling up a glass canister with gas

    Expert tip: If your magazine has air bubbles, it will fire fewer bullets per round So, before you fill the magazine, clear out any trapped air.

    To do this, press the gas release valve (the small button on the side of the magazine) when you put in the first two bursts of gas.

    Watch this video to see how to remove air bubbles.

Frequently Asked Questions

Which type of Airsoft gun should I buy?

The best replica to get depends on how much experience you have in the game and the amount of money you are willing to spend. For beginners and those on a tight budget, consider getting the cheaper spring guns. 

For mid-level and experienced players, you can level up with gas or AEG replicas. Electric and gas-powered guns shoot at higher speeds and have a wider variety available to choose from. 

Which bullets should I buy for Airsoft?

You need small round-shaped pellets to play Airsoft. These BBs come in various sizes, colors, and weight ranges. You’ll need the heavier bullets for long-range shots and high-speed guns. 

As a rule of thumb, stay away from the lightest weight BBs (0.12g) as they are prone to shattering, which can damage your gun. 

Gun type Recommended BB weight in grams
Spring guns 0.20
AEG and gas pistols 0.20 – 0.28
Mid and long-range rifles 0.30 – 0.36
Designated marksman rifles 0.43

How many magazines should I carry for a game?

There’s no upper or lower limit for the number of magazines you can carry. How many you need depends on the type of gun you use and your role in the game. High-capacity guns can hold more BBs, so you won’t need extra magazines. 

You can carry 2 or 3 extra magazines for smaller pistols, so you don’t have to load right in the middle of the game. 

Bringing more magazines ensures your gun is always on the ready, which can increase your chances of winning, especially in high-stakes games such as last man standing

How do I improve my aim?

Invest in an optic lens such as a colored dot sight (red, blue, or green) for your rifle. The optic has a referencing pattern that helps you improve your aim. 

Also, cover the optic sight with a high quality sight protector such as Black Lion Sight Guards. The sight protector will prevent your optic from cracking when it gets hit by BBs.

Testimonial from Matt Cruiser

Playing Your Best Airsoft Game Yet

With your gun loaded, you’re ready to raise some hell and take your opponents down. 

Remember to keep your weapons and magazines clean and well-oiled, so you don’t run into any technical glitches during the game. 

Plus, make sure to get the right gear and equipment. Check out all the information you need about guns, bullets, gear, and more here