Ok, so you are looking for your first Airsoft replica? Or did you play Airsoft for a while now and want something new? Either way, it may seem challenging with so many different replica styles available.

Before buying an Airsoft Replica, you always want to think through different options available like style, costs, your budget and the possibilities to accessorize or upgrade your Airsoft replica.

For example the style of the replica you want should depend on your role in the field. Do you want to be a Sniper, Commander, Support Gunner or Assault? We always recommend not to start as a Sniper… More about that on our site..;-)

When starting Airsoft, you might have a tight budget or not willing to spent to much on your first Airsoft Replica. Of course, we totally understand that. As a beginner you want a reliable, quality built Airsoft Replica that you can later on use as your second replica. And of course not to much money!

So along the way we experienced that these Airsoft Replica’s have a good price quality ratio:

Best Beginner Replica’s

G&G Combat Machine

First we start of with Rifles, second we discuss 2 sniper and third we discuss 2 pistols.

1. G&G Combat Machine radar

If you want an Airsoft replica within a price range of $100-$200 then this is an absolutely fantastic beginner gun which fits almost everyone’s budget. The body of this replica is composed of high-quality polymer. Why not metal you may think? Well for this price range you can’t expect a metal body. To cut down the price G&G is not using a full metal body receiver. But we found out that this gun is actually very durable and strong and can withstand being dropped and beaten around. We have already experienced so many situations from where you in advance would say that this gun could not make it…. But it did! Time after time!


  1. Very affordable ($100-$200 price range)
  2. Shoot between 350-370 FPS – you can play on most fields
  3. Extremely lightweight
  4. Composed of high quality polymer
  5. Use it later on as your back-up gun
  6. Long barreld version in tan or black
  7. CQB version with shortened barrel (tan or black)
  8. Excellent to upgrade (many, many features)
  9. Semi/fully automatic
  10. Adjustable crane stock
  11. High torque motor
  12. Adjustable hop-up

If you decide to purchase this gun you can furthermore chose between a long barreled and shortened barrel version. Both in tan and black. In our experience the shortened barrel version shoot a bit softer. So if you only can play on really restricted CQb field, you should be covered there as well.

If yo buy this gun to be able to upgrade later on, you have plenty of options available to you. For instance you can put a holographic sight, upgraded magazine, specific grip (angle fork), grip, remove iron sight an put an optic or laser on the quad rail.

You can use this gun to reach out in medium or utilize in short ranges. I always purchase my Airsoft equipment with Amazon because they offer the most competitive prices and have always great bonuses added to your purchase! Follow this link for current pricing! Do you prefer the black one? Then follow this link to the G&G Combat Machine in black!

2. Colt M4 Full Metal 13″Keymod Airsoft AEG

Evike Colt M4

This Airsoft replica has the same design as the G&G Combat machine but is more expensive because of the metal construction. But it’s still an affordable price: around $200,- The upper and lower receiver and the keymod rail system has an all metal construction. This gives this replica the weight and feel of the real thing!

This Airsoft replica has plenty of room for aftermarket accessories such as optics, lasers and grips. You can use the keymod rail system to put on a variety of accessories. On the photo you see the flip and rear sight which is a basic and standard feature. The Colt M4 is easy to upgrade and easy to maintain.

As this replica is more expensive than the G&G you may be able to expect more. Better quality for instance? Well, as it comes down to quality it has a all-metal two rear wired gearbox and an adjustable hop-up system. It also comes jam-packed with a ton of features. It also comes with a standard charger and battery as well as 2 metal 350 BB High-capacity magazines! Moreover, this replica is equipped with a NI MH battery that gives enough power to stay on the field.


  1. Full metal version 2 gearbox
  2. NIMH Battery & Standard Charger included
  3. 2 350 BB Metal High Capacity Magazines
  4. Adjustable Hop-up system
  5. 10″ Keymod Rail System
  6. Flip up Fron & Rear iron Sights
  7. Full Metal externals
  8. Adjustable crane stock

Where to buy?

I always go for a good quality / price ratio. Therefore I buy my Airsoft gear at Airsoft Station. Check the lowest price of this Colt M4A1 Full Metal 10″ Keymod Airsoft AEG on Airsoft Station today!



This KWA LM4 PTR Gas Blowback M4 Airsoft Rifle is a full metal gas Airsoft Rifle. This is a somewhat more expensive Airsoft replica in the $300-$400 price range. To be honest, this is a replica for the the more advanced player or if you have a larger budget and so be able to spent more money.

If you want quality, a realistic recoil and an overall superior performance then stop looking further. You found your ultimate Airsoft replica… you found raw power! Raw power? Yes, and that is because this replica is powered by pressurized green gas. You can feel the difference when you pull the trigger!

If you want features then this gun has it all! It has a light weight freefloat keymod aluminium alloy rail, one piece fluted metal upper receiver, fully functional bolt catch, six position adjustable crane stock, select fire options, ergonomic grip and much more! This replica is often used by professionals for training purposes due to it’s high performance.

This gun reaches to a 380 feet per second with a .20g BB. That’s phenomenal because it still manages to maintain the length of a standard AR-15! Furthermore this gun is versatile, powerful and an all-around quality replica by which you can dominate the battlefield!


  1. Gas operated recoil blow back
  2. Functional bolt catch and release
  3. Full metal alloy receivers
  4. Adjustable front and rear sight
  5. 6 position stock
  6. Adjustable hop-up
  7. Lightweight
  8. Ergonomic design
  9. 380 fps – 0.2 BBs
  10. Plenty room to slap on accessories / upgrades

Where to buy?

I always buy my Airsoft gear at Airsoft Station. They have great customer support and trustful and professional website with great offers and a hassle and free warranty and return policy. Follow this link to the KWA LM4 Airsoft Replica!

4. WELL MBO8 Airsoft Sniper Rifle

Well MBO8 Airsoft Sniper Rifle

The WELL MBO8 Airsoft sniper rifle has a unique design with it’s side folding stock and built-in rear monopod. These 2 features makes this sniper rifle different from a standard L96 type rifle. This sniper rifle shoots at 450 -480 FPS with .20g BBs. For a better accuracy we recommend to use .28g BBs. The 3-9×40 scope is a standard feature on this gun (is included). You can purchase the MBO8 in either tan or a black version.


  1. Unique design
  2. High accuracy
  3. 450-480 FPS – 0.2g BBs
  4. 3-9×40 scope included
  5. Bipod
  6. Rear monopod
  7. Adjustable hop-up
  8. Bolt action
  9. Full metal barrel

Where to buy?

If you want low prices, good service, a hassle free warranty and return policy then follow this link to the Well MBO8 Sniper Rifle for more details.

5. Well MB12 Spring Airsoft Sniper Rifle

Well MB12 Spring Sniper Rifle

This is a sniper rifle has what it takes to be a sniper: it shots hard, has pinpoint accuracy and great range. It includes a 3-9x zoom scope and a bipod. As a sniper you need to be able to easily sight in your target from long distances and scouting out the opposition. Well, that is all this zoom scope does!

This Airsoft Sniper Rifle is one of the best Airsoft Snipers available on for the money. It is designed for players of all calibers and budgets. And of course with great features like a tapered metal barrel, full metal upper receiver and true firearm style compensator. This is typically found on top dollar precision rifles. It also features a polymer lower receiver, adjustable check pads and a pistol grip. With the 3-9x zoom scope and great design details it’s a no brainer for anyone looking for a cheap Airsoft sniper rifle. It’s one of the best sellers in it’s category.


  1. Quality build
  2. High accuracy
  3. Affordable price
  4. 3-9×40 zoom scope
  5. Adjustable hop up
  6. Bolt action
  7. Functional safety
  8. 30 round magazine
  9. Metal bipod

Where to buy?

I always buy my Airsoft equipment at Airsoft Station because they offer the lowest price on outdoor products. I also like the website that is safe to visit and buy something. Follow this link (prices can always change..) to the WELL MB12 Heavy weight airsoft Sniper Rifle!

Elite force 1911 TAC CO2 Blowback Airsoft Pistol

Elite Force G3 1911 CO2 Blowback

This is a full metal 1911 airsoft pistol in stunning Stainless Silver color. Co2 instead of green gas or propane is offering a more concealed gas exchange and longer tank life. Accessories and extra magazines are easily available. This Airsoft replica shoot 345 FPS and offers a competitive performance and so great for indoor and outdoor skirmishes.

This Airsoft replica pistol has a built in regulation that ensures it will not exceed standard velocity as temperatures decreases. This allows you to play Airsoft in all climates and conditions.

If you like the accessories, the 14mm counterclockwise threaded tip will allow you ad a mock silencer or suppressor. You can also ad a laser or flashlight to the built in railsystem located on the underside of the barrel. This replica is the perfect choice for players looking for more realistic experience. It shoot 345-370 FPS with .20g BBs which makes it a powerfull sidearm.


  1. Magazine: 15 rounds
  2. Adjustable hop-up
  3. CO2 gas blowback
  4. Tactical Rail
  5. Easily upgradable
  6. Full Metal Construction
  7. Stainless Silver Metallic Finish

Where to buy?

I Always buy my gear at Airsoft Station. because they offer low prices and great quality. All offers – even small – receive top priority! So if you are looking for an added dimension of realism follow this link to Airsoft Station and check the lowest price today!

Airsoft replica Pistols for beginners

What is the best starter Airsoft replica pistol? Well, you may already have chosen your favorite Airsoft pistol but let me remind you of these top 3 Airsoft replica pistols.

H&K P30 Electric Replica Pistol Semi/Full Auto

Crosman Stinger P311 Black

This Airsoft Pistol is a great beginner gun. It comes with a realistic design, good fps and great accuracy. Many pistols could feel quite heavy but this one feels great in one’s hand because it’s made from good quality plastic that won’t bend!

This Airsoft pistol is semi-automatic. So for every shot you have to pull the trigger. I like that idea because a fully-automatic replica may get out of control in a teenage hand.

This Airsoft pistol is fairly accurate, has good power and is very sturdy. The plastic can feel a bit flimsy in some places but seems reliable enough.


  • Electric
  • Metal Barrel
  • Uses 4 AAA batteries
  • Shoot up to 180 fps
  • Has a 16 rounds magazine
  • Light weight (1/1 pound weight)
  • Competitive price range
  • Possible use of tactical laser and lights


  • Fairly powerful
  • Looks real
  • Very sturdy
  • Comfortable to hold in hands
  • Durable


  • Dummy hammer
  • loading is not easy with speedloader
  • plastic lip on magazine is to sensitive. Solution: insert a little electrical tape behind the plastic piece.
Use tape on magazine

You can get it for a decent price on Airsoft Station. This is a durable Airsoft replica pistol and won’t break easily. Follow this link to see more details and customer reviews on Airsoft Station

If you want to pay up for a nicer one I would like you to take a look at the H&K45CT Compact Gas Blowback Pistol as an alternative which has slightly better quality magazine hold 20 rounds and is more easy to load and also a better velocity: 310 FPS with 0.20 BBs. Check fore more details and current prices Amazon site.

Firepower .45 Metal Slide Airsoft Pistol

Firepower .45 Metal Slide

This is also a light weight Spring powered Airsoft pistol. I bought this pistol for my nephew and when I received it I was impressed.

It’s a plastic made Airsoft pistol with a metal slide. The plastic is durable and feels good in your hands. It doensn’t have fancy features but gives the user a realistic experience.
The magazine has a bit better quality than the Crosman P311. The magazine comes with a wide base which is useful in protecting the plastic.

The safety and fire selector are easy to reach with your thumb which give you a comfortable use.
Another nice feature is that it has 3 dot sight alignment. Furthermore it shoot about 300 fps with .15g BBs. Actually it comes with .12g BBs but 15-20g BBs will work too and seem to be more accurate.

This Airsoft pistol is not semi-automatic and therefore it has to be rechambered every time the trigger is squeezed.


  • Realistic Weight
  • Easy loading with a speedloader
  • Spring powered and pretty powerful
  • 3 dot sight alignments
  • Metal slide


  • Realistic look
  • Metal slide an barrel
  • Good muzzle velocity
  • Light weight
  • Easy to operate
  • Great backup for close combat


  • Not semi automatic
  • Rechamber every time
  • Plastic trigger
  • Light weight cheap BBs will jam and will not be accurate. Get recommended BBs for the fps. Choose 0.15-0.20g BBs

Where to buy?

I always buy my Airsoft stuff on Amazon.com. They offer low prices and great quality. All offers – even small – receive top priority! Follow this link to see Firepower current price on Airsoft Station.