15 Best Products For Airsofters To Bring To The Airsoft Field

A lot of Airsofters have asked this question: What should I bring to the Airsoft field? Well, mostly that depends on you role on the field and how involved you are in the Airsoft sport. I made a list of interesting and unexpected things that I am enthusiastic about. So, here we go!

A gun case

Airsoft gun casein a lot of states and countries it is illegal to carry around guns in public and not in a gun case. It’s stupid and why would you do that? Most people getting anxious when seeing someone with a gun. So bring your gun in a case to the field and take it out only when you are about to play. Keep it in the case for your safety and the safety of others! I highly recommend the Condor Single Rifle Case. This case is handy and optional like a multi tool and most Airsoft Rifles fit. It’s is worth it to al least consider and take a look. Get a handy gun case here.

Barrel covers

When talking about safety you need a barrel cover as well to protect your near environment from getting shot accidentally. Just bring something that covers your barrel and prevent the accidental discharge and hurting someone around you when you’re playing. I think I haven’t seen this happen but I heard about it and you always want to be safe. Get a solid barrel cover on Airsoft Station

Extra batteries

It’s an easy thing to forget but if you have an AEG – which most of us Airsofters have – and you are going to play a morning game for instance, you definitely need extra batteries. The wisest thing to do is to recharge your main battery the night before. Than you at least can start playing with a fully recharged battery. If you have afternoon game, you maybe can get away with charging your battery that morning. But make sure that all your batteries are fully charged before you get on the field. The Tenergy 9.6V are excellent batteries and fits most guns. Be sure you have at least two extra sets of batteries!  You can get some extra batteries here by follow this link.

Battery Charger

battery chargerYou always will see that all of a sudden someone’s batteries run out of life. It may be yours but could also be one of your teammates who lost a battery or run out of life. You wish you had a smart charger on that moment, I can ensure you! So if you go out and play be sure that you or one of your teammates brings a smart charger. It’s always safe to bring some backup so be sure that at least one at your team has one. Buy a Charger on Airsoft Station website.

Bring a lot of Ammo!

Of course you thought about bringing ammo! Ok, but do you realize how many BB’s you go through a day? Actually it’s ridiculous because you can go through bags especially when you are a sprayer or a Rifleman. If you have that role your BB’s are be gone instantly.

Take extra magazines with you!

Bring a lot of magazines per gun. If you don’t have a rig, chest of belt you better take some high capacity magazines. just bring a lot of magazines. You won’t believe how crucial it is to not have reload your mags on the field while you are playing. Of course you could use a speed loader but that actually is ridiculous. You don’t have time for that. Of course some of you have a secondary gun but than you have to bring a lot of gas. So don’t rely on your secondary gun and keep it as a secondary emergency gun! So be sure you have enough magazines! Buy extra magazines via Airsoft Station

Don’t forget your speedloader

As I said you first want to bring enough magazines but as some sort of backup at least someone of your team should bring a speedloader. Are you going out this weekend and don’t have a speedloader yet? Get a speedloader for your M4/M16 here.

Be prepared for any malfunction (unjamming rod)

When playing on a dirty and wet Airsoft field it is more likely that you are going to need an unjamming rod and cleaning rods. You also may need silicone oil. When you have a break between the games you are able to maintain your gun properly. If you don’t clean your barrel/gun you may have problem with you gun at the and of the day.

Multi tool

I know you don’t want that to be that Airsofter that is going out there to maintain guns on the Airsoft field but you definitely want to bring screwdrivers or pliers with you. A multi tool is always handy to bring with you. If you are not quite a handy ask someone else to do it for you. See also my article on how to maintain your airsoft gun

Be covered by a mesh mask

You definitely want your face being covered by a mask. Other suggest only a mask but I want you to consider a mesh mask with ear protection. Getting a BB against your ears isn’t a nice feeling… Buy this cool one on Amazon

Bring Goggles with you

Goggles are essential and even obligated on most Airsoft fields. Your goggles should be fully sealed. Bring at least two pairs with you. You never know if they all work out. I don’t know what the best goggles are or what to carry in different situations. Leave a comment if you have a suggestion.

Defog spray

Everyone wants face protection but not anyone thinks about the main problem when having goggles: FOG, FOG, FOG! It is actually the number one problem in Airsoft. When I was writing this article I didn’t know there were anti fog glasses already. Check out these anti fog glasses on Amazon!

Bring a backpack

If you bring a lot of accessories with you, you need something to carry in all that stuff. Therefore you could easily bring a backpack and put it all in. It doesn’t necessarily need to fit your outfit. You don’t have to carry it during a skirmish. You can put it somewhere safe on the field. Consider a durable and ergonomic Tactical Drop Leg Bag. I found this one on Amazon.

Bring boots

Don’t go to a skirmish on your sneakers. You need to wear boots to strengthening you ankles. You want something that is going to protect you from the elements. I suggest to choose one with perfect protection to the foot and ankle. Like this one on Amazon

Duct Tape

Why duct tape? Well you can use it for almost anything. It’s something to use as a back up and can be useful in many situations.

Knee Pads

I think they are more helpful on the field than in CQB. That being said, they are very useful to reduce shock to your knees when dropping on the ground or hitting something. they also have other functions like keep your knees warm and prevention and reduction of stiff muscles and joints. Get your knee pads here.  

Extra clothes

Always bring extra clothes like shirts, socks, pants. You never know what happened when playing outside. It’s not comfortable to play in soaked clothes.


Most skirms are during the day but if you have a afternoon game than a flashlight would we something you really want to have! Especially if you don’t have a flashlight on your gun! Get you flashlight on Amazon!

Mouth guards for protection

Some airsofters lost their teeth during an Airsoftgame. I think you don’t want that so protect you teeth!

Airsoft Walkie Talkie or headset

Airsoft radioTo be able to communicate with you teammates you, or some of your teammates need a walkie talkie or headset. Especially when you are on a mission it could be crucial. This Bo Feng Dual Band 2 way Radio got a lot of positive reviews on Amazon! Check the price here!


When playing on  the field you definitely want gloves supporting your actions like climbing over obstacles. You also want them to protect your knuckles. Get gloves here

Dead Rag

If you are struck with a BB, you shout HIT!, raise your hand an waving your dead rag. Dad rags are compulsory and must be red and large enough to identified easily. I got my dead rag here

Tactical Combat Training Knife

Airsoft KnifeSuch a knife is ideal for outdoor war game activities, solo practice, training and military combat training. This one can be attached to your M4, M16 and other Rifles as a Bayonet. Check the specifications here: Toonol Upgraded Tactical Combat Training Knife.

Maybe I forgot something. Leave a comment so I can adjust this article. thank you for reading this article. I hope it’s been valuable.