JG M4 RIS Rifle gun

A Reliable Mid Level M4 Airsoft Gun With Scope

JG M4 RIS Rifle gunThere are so many guns out there that it’s almost impossible to choose the right gun at first. But today I was surprised to see a gun with great features for a decent price. For this price you get a great gun and actually you can’t complain for what you get because of the price. So why is this gun not widely know under Airsofters? Is it because of the unknown brand JG?

Those questions made me curious and that’s why I decided to learn more about this gun. I have wondered why I saw just a few Airsofters with this gun. Was it because of the unknown brand JG that makes a lot of Airsofters suspicious? Well I think we both want to know what this gun is capable of and how it perform on the field. That is the only thing that matters right?

Well, it’s been said that this gun does not perform like a Stock M4 but I doubt about that because I have also have heard even more that this gun can definitely compete with a standard M4…. Well, we have to find out by ourselves and judge later. I think you would be surprised…..

Let’s get started.

What do you  get with this JG M4 RIS System Airsoft Gun?

I found out that this gun – made by JG – was intentionally meant to be a more economic version of the Tokyo Marui M4 guns. However, the price is a bit lower than the Tokyo Marui guns but how durable is this gun and what do you really get for that price?

Battery and charger
Well, first thing I noticed is that this gun comes with a battery and charger. Many guns are sold without a battery and charger so you can save some money here. It comes with a standard Trickle Charger but I recommend to buy a smart charger. That way you can’t overcharge your battery if you forget to pay attention to it. But, if you are secure then you don’t have to go for a Smart Charger, saves you money.

The battery is a Mini battery 8.4 1100mAH. That battery will work fine with this gun. You can also put a Tenergy 9.6V 1600mAH Butterfly Mini NiMH Battery Pack in it but it’s not that easy to do that. I will describe how to replace the battery later.

Rail Covers
When unboxing this gun, you will find some extra screws to put some rail covers on each side of the rail. Actually it comes with 4 plastic rail covers so you can decide if you want them on your gun or not.

Rifle Scope
JG M4 Rifle Scope
Furthermore it comes with a good quality Rifle Scope. I think that’s quite unique for a M4 gun in this price range because it’s not a Sniper Rifle. You also get some special offers and production promotions if you follow this link to Airsoft Station. I don’t know for how long but at this time you will get 1 free bag of .20g BB’s and some other stuff.

High Capacity Magazine
The magazine you get with this gun is a 300 rounds high cap magazine.

It’s a perfect outdoor gun but also great for CQB. Overall it’s a great contender for the Tokyo Marui M4 guns which are a bit high dollar priced. I think it’s a really nice gun if you want to grow to the role as a Sniper.


This gun could feel a bit heavy especially if you are a beginner. This gun is about 6.5 pounds so if you are carrying this gun for a day then your arms get really tiring. It’s kind of like it is a upgraded gun even it is not… To overcome dead arms you probably would buy some sling to strap around. Luckily this gun has 2 sling mounts so that is no problem, at all!

It’s a Japanese design with a tactical rail system on the front. This will allow you to add a lot of adjustments like flashlights, lasers, scopes and even a grenade launcher.  On the rail side you will find a quad rail which give you the option to put some unique attachments on it. One of these attachments are the 4 plastic rail covers you get, when buying this gun. The downside of that could be a heavier gun…
The lower rail which is already attached makes it very easy for some adjustments like a handguard.

Another cool feature is the flip up front and rear sight to show your long range sight and close combat (CQB) sight. That way you can try to to accomplish a better accuracy of your shots. Together with the Rifle Scope I would actually say: “You can’t miss”……-;)

On top you will also find a working charging handle to reveal the Hop-up and  adjust it on the fly. It shouldn’t be necessary while your playing but you never know…

On the rear end you will find an Alloy Stock. It’s a 6 point Stock so you can adjust it for your comfort level.

Most external parts are made out of metal:

  • Front Rail System
  • Outer barrel
  • orange tip
  • front and rear sight
  • R.I.S system (Rail interface System)
  • Trigger
  • Trigger guard
  • selector switch
  • magazine
  • magazine release
  • bull catch
  • buffer tube
  • inner part crane stock
  • gearbox

The ABS Stock, which is a retractable Stock, and the  ABS Plastic pistol grip are the plastic parts. Also the body – upper and lower receiver –  are not metal made. The body is made out of ABS plastic / Polymer  which is great and durable material. So it’s not really a cons but I think the manufacturer wants to keep the price of the gun low. So the plastic parts are a bit cheaper than metal parts, but I thinks it’s even more ergonomic to have a plastic grip so it’s not necessarily a disadvantage.

It comes also with a 300 round high capacity magazine. That is what you definitely need so that is great to have. The mags are easy to replace with the magazine release on the gun.

The last thing I want to mention is the battery. Many of you have asked how to change/put in the battery. Well, there we go:

How to change the battery?

This gun comes with a Mini battery 8.4 1100mAH battery and a charger. This is actually the only battery that fits. Well, a 9.6V could be working but is more difficult to get fit into the gun:

1. How to get the handguard open?

handguard JG M4

Well, on each side of the handguard you will find a pin.  You see on the image the mark with a lock that is open. On the screw there are some dimples so when you turn it loose the dimples have to pointing to the lock. That is because there is a hook attached to the screw and if you turn it the right way you will be able to get it through a hole inside that is inside the gun.

This can all be done by a screwdriver or quarter turn cam lock. Sometimes the pin won’t pop up because it’s friction/pressure locked. Try a bit harder then.

2. Arrange the wires

You need to stuff the wires down to the top of the barrel. You need to push the wire in and back towards the delta ring. You see the delta ring on the front of the barrel on the image above.
The reason for that is so you can make kind of an S form when folding the wire so that the fuse can remain in the center against the left side (when the gun is upside down) of the barrel.

The key here is to get the wires and connector in the front. To do that you have to arrange the gun wires along the left side (when it’s upside down)  of the gun. If you do that as described the connector is perpendicular to the barrel while the battery wires are along the opposite side.

battery arrangement JG M4    battery arrangement JG M4

3. Connect the battery to the wires

Now that you arrange the wires you need to plug in the battery. Once you have it plugged, you need to arrange it so everything will fit when you close the handguard. As you can see on the image above the connector is in front of the battery. That way you should have enough space to close the handguard.

4. Close the handguard

You can close the handguard when everything is in there. You maybe squishing the wires a bit but that is no problem as long as the wires are bent and not being pinched. Take the pins, push them in  and turn them slowly so you can feel when it stays put.


This gun is a standard M4 version with a full metal version 2 gearbox. This is a high quality and durable gearbox. The barrel length is 370mm and set to 380-460 FPS with .20gr BB’s.

It is a standard M4 version with a version 2 gearbox barrel length of 370mm set to 380-460 FPS with .20 gram BB’s. If you’d like to downgrade this gun because of field restrictions – most fields allow a max of 350-400 FPS – you definitely want to try .25gr BB’s first. That will slow down your FPS so that you are able to go on certain fields.

The gearbox is powered by a super high torque motor. A high torque motor allows you to upgrade your gun with a high tension spring. Another advantage is that it results in less tension and tress to the motor. And that is positive for the durability of the motor.

Next the adjustable Hop-Up. The Hop-Up is easy to adjust and you can reach it properly with the working charging handle.

This gun comes also with a tight bore barrel directly from the factory which should give you a bit of a better range.

JG did some niche thought when designing this gun by giving the gun a full Tokyo Marui parts compatibility. This gives you a huge opportunity to find a whole bunch of aftermarket parts and other upgrades and use it on your gun 😉


This gun is a typical mid level priced gun which looks very similar to the Colt Assault Rifle from the United States Marines. If you have not that much to spent but you want a good quality gun then JG is a great company because their guns are really reliable. And actually you can’t really complain because if you get more than what you expect you would you don’t complain afterwards.

Are you interested?

If you want to have a low priced reliable Airsoft gun for a competitive price then you should take a look at Amazon because they provide competitive prices and have a trustful website. I found the correct link to Airsoft Station: JG M4 RIS System With Rifle Scope Sniper Airsoft Gun