Aim With Precision While Using Sight Protectors

How to Aim With Precision While Using Sight Protectors

Airsoft is a game of precision, and if you’re shooting high and wide, you’re not going to make much headway. 

With your optic in place, protected by the sight protector, you should be able to get some good shots on target, but it won’t automatically happen. 

You need to adjust your gun properly and make sure everything works well together so you can hit your target with accuracy.

So to help you level up your game tactics, we’ll go over everything you need to do to improve your precision. 

Table of Contents

  1. Step 1 — Align and Zero the Optic
  2. Step 2 — Mount the Sight Protector Correctly
  3. Step 3 — Clean the Sight Protector
  4. Ready, Aim, Fire
  5. Frequently Asked Questions

Step 1 — Align and Zero the Optic

The purpose of the sight protector is to ensure that your optic is safe from incoming bullets, but it won’t be of much use to you if your optic lens isn’t directing your shots accurately.

That’s why the first step is to ensure that your optic is well aligned.

Your optic should help you pick out targets accurately and make more precise shots which you wouldn’t be able to do with your naked eye. It works by means of a referencing pattern that shows you where your bullet will hit.

However, because bullets lose trajectory while approaching the target, your shot won’t hit the exact location if your optic isn’t properly configured. You need to adjust the crosshairs (the dot pointer) so it’s more accurate for the distance you’ll be shooting from.

Expert tip: Ensure that your optic is mounted correctly before attempting to zero it. Choose an optic and a mount that matches your gun and affix everything perfectly so that it doesn’t wobble.

How to Zero Your Optic 

  1. Choose a shooting location. It will take a lot of shots to zero your optic correctly (you might empty the entire magazine), so you need an area where you can shoot undisturbed until you get it right.

  2. Adjust the hop-up. Your hop-up will influence the trajectory of the bullets, so it needs to be well adjusted before you can zero the scope. To do this:
    • Locate the hop-up device on the side of your gun

      hop-up device on one side of the riffle

    • Shoot two or three bullets and watch their trajectory. Adjust the hop-up device upwards if your BBs have a sharp downwards trajectory. If the bullets are curving upwards, turn the hop-up dial downwards.

      adjusting hop-up upwards and downwards

    • Take a few more shots and keep adjusting as necessary.
    • You’ll know it’s set when the BBs go slightly upwards, maintain the line, and then slightly go down almost as if in a straight line.

Watch this video to see how to adjust your hop-up correctly.

Expert Tip: Airsoft BBs get carried away easily by heavy wind. While the heavier ones have higher wind resistance, they are still considerably light, weighing less than half a gram. So adjust your hop-up before every outdoor game to account for the wind speed and direction.

  1. Find the windage and elevation adjustment knob on your optic. Each brand may have a different location for the buttons, so go through the instruction manual for your gun.

    windage and elevation knobs with covers removed

    The windage knob is usually found on the side and turning it moves your crosshairs sideways. The elevation controller is located on the top of the optic and you use it to control the movement of the crosshair up and down.

  2. Place your target and aim two or three shots at the bullseye. Move the windage knob to adjust upwards and sideways as needed. Fire another round of shots and keep changing until you move as close to the bullseye as possible.

    adjusting elevation and windage to move crosshairs

Watch how to zero your optic sight properly.

Step 2 — Mount the Sight Protector Correctly

properly fitted sight protector

You need to ensure that your sight protector is firmly attached to the gun and is stable. If your lens protector or stand is wobbly, it might break and fall off, which will ruin your game—there’s nothing worse than going into battle with faulty weapons.

In addition, an unstable lens protector will interfere with your ability to aim at targets. You won’t be able to focus clearly if it keeps swaying.

Make sure to buy a sight protector compatible with your gun and that you can mount easily.

Rail-mounted sight protectors fit on any rifle with a dovetail rail system designed to fit the scope and the protector. You simply have to slide it in position.

Scope fitted protectors fit onto threaded scopes, so all you need to do is thread it into position.

If you’re unsure about the fit, it’s best to choose a universal sight protector such as the Black Lion Sight Guard. It also comes with an Allen key to help hold your sight protector firmly in position.

Sight guard

Step 3 — Clean the Sight Protector

You can’t aim precisely if you can’t see through the sight protector, so ensure that it’s clean every time you want to use it.

Here’s how to clean a sight protector.

  1. Wash your hands and dry them to ensure that you don’t inadvertently transfer dirt and grime to the sight protector.
  2. Gently pour some lukewarm water on top of the protector and let it run to get rid of dust and particles that might scratch the surface while you clean.
  3. Apply a little dishwashing liquid directly on the protector, or use your fingertips to rub the soap on the surface.

Expert tip: Don’t use moisturized dishwashing liquid, so you don’t leave any oily residue.

  1. Use clean water to rinse. Take extra care to ensure you remove all the soap and smudges.
  2. Shake the sight protector and leave it to air dry or wipe it with a lint-free microfiber cloth or cotton towel.

You can use white vinegar or glass cleaner for glass protectors to make them shiny and streak-free. 

If the sight protector is made of polycarbonate, remember the following precautions:

  • Polycarbonate scratches easily, so avoid wiping dust off with a cloth as this may rub abrasives and scratch the surface. 
  • Don’t use thinners such as acetone to remove stains as these may weaken the polycarbonate.

Ready, Aim, Fire

firing an airsoft gun with a Diamond Black Lion Sight Guard

Now that your optic is calibrated and your sight protector is clean and firmly in place, you’re good to go.

Hold your gun steady or put it on a stand depending on the role you’re playing. Your optic light will show you the point you’re going to hit. Now pull the trigger and bam.

Remember to keep both eyes open to maintain your peripheral vision, widen your field of sight, and reduce the strain on your eyes. You can only close one eye if you have trouble with your vision; for instance, if you struggle with depth perception.

Side Note: Do some exercises to strengthen your hands and legs before the game so you can hold the gun steady. For instance, carry around a bottle of water all day so your hands don’t get tired quickly. Also, stand in a crouching position to get your knees ready.

Remember to use a high-quality sight protector that won’t break in the middle of a game. It will be quite problematic if you keep having to replace the sight protector.

The I Am Black Lion brand of unbreakable sight protectors stands out from the rest.

They have two types of sight protectors with a sophisticated shape that goes well with any rifle. In addition, the protectors are made of polycarbonate, which offers 250 times the impact resilience of glass.

Parameter Diamond Sight Guard Stealth Sight Guard
  Black Lion Diamond Sight Guard Stealth sight protector mounted on the gun
Weight 30 g 30 g
Material Polycarbonate Polycarbonate
Color Black and Transparent Transparent
Total Dimensions (Height and Weight) H69 x W50 mm H69 x W50 mm
Shield Dimensions (Height and Weight) H55 x W50 mm H55 x W50 mm
Extra Features
  • Allen key
  • Scratch-resistant layer
  • Exquisite diamond shape
  • Allen key
  • Scratch-free protector
  • Unique shape
Reviews “I’ve used this guard for a good while now, and honestly, there aren’t any bad things I can come up with for this guard. It has survived many shots while playing, and it still looks brand new. A must get for every airsofter that doesn’t feel like risking their scopes!” — S. Engels, The Netherlands “Absolutely amazing! I have had this guard now for about a week, and it’s already taken some hard hits with no issues. I highly recommend this product to anyone looking to guard their optic. Thank you for the amazing product!” — Kenneth Bush, Colorado, USA

So, get your sight protectors from I Am Black Lion and get ready to fire with precision and accuracy, all while eliminating any worry about your sight protector or optic cracking. 

Testimonial from Bjorn Hees

For more information about the rest of the gear that you need to increase your chances of winning, head on over to Airsoft Forest.

First step to ensure optic well aligned

Frequently Asked Questions

Do BBs affect accuracy?

Yes, the type of BB you use affects how accurate your shot will be. Stay away from extremely lightweight BBs, as the wind easily tosses them about. Heavier BBs tend to stay on course for longer, improving your precision. 

How far does an airsoft rifle shoot?

Airsoft rifles typically shoot an average of 150 and 200 feet depending on the type of gun. To increase your maximum effective range, ensure that you keep your gun clean and well-maintained.