Airsoft introduction

A quick Introduction To Airsoft

Airsoft introductionWhat is the Airsoftgame all about?

This weekend my attention was given to some kind of game that looks very similar to Paintball, but has a greater reality. It is Airsoft!

This field simulation sport has come blow over from The United States. With is reality game you get the idea of playing in a real life computer game.

The way we play Airsoft is with Replica Weapons. Two teams play against each other to fulfil a mission (or missions). A mission is most of the time a true mission and that’s why it will be acting out as realistic as possible.

Two different teams can play against each other being the Marine Corps, US Navy Seals or a SWAT-unit. Other teams want to play in a situation like World War 2, or the Vietnam War and use equipment, and wear clothes accordingly that situation.

So two teams that will play against each other, are going to accomplish a mission that really happened in the past! How cool is that!


Equipment of the teams

Simulating real events from the past is reflected in the whole equipment. The weapons used are replica’s of existing weapons. These weapons are Automatic Electric Guns (AEG) and use biodegradable balls (BB’s) of 6mm. There is an extensive range of pistols, rifles, shotguns, Ammo, weapon accessories and protection! All replica’s are based on real weapons and look like real weapons. That makes it very exciting for gamers, shooters, collectors and traders.

This was a short description of Airsoft. We hope that we grab your attention and maybe you want even to play airsoft once! I find it fantastic to learn more about this sport and want to share with you as much information as possible through this website!


The history of the airsoftgame

The Airsoftgame is originated in The United States around 1970. It was the Daisycon Manufacturing Comapny that started producing air pressure guns. These guns were used with plastic balls to shoot with.

The interest in these guns was very low. The cause of that was the law. People were not allowed to store any weapon at home.

Around the 80’s, in Japan was a rising interest in airsoftguns because of the law. It was forbidden to own a weapon. But, since the introduction of a airsoft gun, it’s been possible for Japanese people to own a weapon, or even setup a weapon collection.

The growing demand for airsoftguns lead to a growing production of the air pressure system that was developed by Daisy Manufacturing Company, and now used in all kind of Replica weapons.  However, I refer to airsoftguns, it actuale were not that type of airsoftguns that we know now. These were air pressure weapons at the early stage… The real airsoftguns were build later…


The Daisy Manufacturing System

During the 80’s the Daisy Manufacturing System was used in all kind of replica weapons, also guns powered by gas. They used carbon dioxide and Freon. This system was used for a while but at some point forbidden by the government of Japan because of the air pollution.

Besides the gas powered guns, also weapons with electric engines were produced but this specific system (mechanism) was not suitable for an airsoft gun. That’s the reason why the gas powered guns were used for a long time. In 2005 there was a breakthrough by Tokyo Marui a manufacturer  from Japan who developed an Automatic Electric Pistol. This Pistol had a build in electric engine with a spring.


The evolution of Airsoft

With the evolution of the airsoftsguns the airsoftsport became also very popular. First the popularity grows in Japan and other Asian countries but later on also in Europe. Although the softguns were not much popular in the United States, later on in the 90’s (about 1995) the airsoft guns became popular again. Since the 90’s the airsoft very popular in different countries around the world.

In the Netherlands, the airsoftsport became popular since 2000. I live in the Netherlands and haven’t heard about it since 2016! I search for some information on the web but could’t find some information that satisfied me. That’s why I build this website.

So, Airsoft became popular in 2000 however, people who want to play the game had to divert to Belgium. In 2005 the sport became more popular and so Mr. R. Meeuwissen en J. Dekkers decided to start a company ( The NABV) to support the airsoft sporters. Because of the law it was not allowed to play airsoft in the Netherlands. It took a long time until Airsoft was allowed in the Netherlands. This had to do with laws around owning a weapon.


The Laws and regulations of Airsoft

Because of strict laws the NABV started a petition to change the law and make it possible to legalise Airsoft in the Netherlands. On the 7th of January 2013 the ministry of Justice and Security of the Netherlands changed the regime of weapons and ammunition. Since that time Airsoftmachines are not longer illegal.

What is the Dutch Law saying about it now?

“ A airsoftmachine is a air-, gas-, or spring push weapon with a maximum shotforce of 3,5 Joule. This weapon looks very similar to regular weapons. With a plastic ball that has a weight of 0.35g (about 1/100 ounch) the maximum speed reaches 140m/s”.

Most of the airsoftguns look a lot like a real weapon. Therefore they are categorised as categorie 1 of the Dutch Law. Since the legalization of airsoft weapons the law is extended around this subject. The law is extended with paragraph 9a: exemption of airsoft devices. That means that there are some exemptions on article 13 of the law. The exemptions due to carrying, on the holding and wearing airsoft devices.


Rules for owners of a Airsoftdevice (in the Netherlands)

–          Minimum age is 18 years

–          Declaration on behaviour

–          Membership of a Airsoft association

–          Foreigners are welcome to participate in an event in the Netherlands.


Supplementary Rules (Netherlands)

–          Members of a Airsoft association carry there devices in a suitcase or bag which can be locked.

–          Devices need to be saved in a storage which can be locked

–          Maintenance and testing at home is allowed

–          The buyer of an Airsoft weapon will be registered at a arms trade register

–          Take always the shortest route when carrying a weapon. Take always a bag which is locked during transport. Also the weapon may not be loaded during transport.


For more information for Dutch Sporters:


For locations and areas in the Netherlands visit:

this was some general information about Airsoft. In the Future I will go in to more detail about the game, the weapons, law, playing area,s etc..

For now have a nice day!