AK-47 Kalashnikov


The AK-47 style guns are available in many different styles, ranging from a standard AK-47 to a compact AK-74U. This type of gun has not as many external modifications but that is compensated with plenty of internal upgrades.

This gun has great features and also the look and feel is great. It looks like a real AK and feels that way too.  You can use it on auto or semi-auto and is therefore  performing well in outdoor as well as indoor CQB situations!

Overall it’s a great AEG for mid-level players and has an exceptional quality for a low budget gun which is comparable to a $300+ gun!


When I first saw this gun I thought it was real; even hardly distinguishable from a real AK!  What an amazing design and what a great look and feel! I’m extremely impressed! What did you experience when you saw this gun for the first time? Maybe you bought it already?

Kalashnikov AK-47Anyway, you’re looking at a Tactical AK47 AEG Airsoft gun including a FULL Kalashnikov Trademarks and logo. Below that logo you have a folding removeable foregrip which is robust with a nice firm locking action. It’s a great feature and together with the pistol grid it makes the gun extremely ergonomic.

The trigger is easy to pull unlike many other guns.

The outside is fully metal made, except for hand guard, stock and pistol grip.

On top, this gun has a rail but it has no rail close to face so larger optics cannot be used. That means there is no place for AK style scope mount.

The out of the box battery is a “Premium 8.4v 1200mah small “Stick” battery and Wall charger included”. It takes about 4 hours to charge the battery. When fully charged you can shoot about 1000-1500 rounds and that’s quite good.

Valken Energy 8.4v batteryAlthough it is as super powerfull gun, (some guys have knocked barks from tree) it is recommended to replace the battery in a quality one. It’s the Valken Energy 8.4V NiMH 1600 mAh Stick Mini Battery which is a rapidly charge up and long cycle life battery, designed for upgrades and/or modified guns. You can easily and safety buy this one on Amazon by follow this link to Amazon.

If you have decided to change the battery and go for a better quality then you may like to

Tenergy battery Charger

replace the battery charger for a better one too. We recommend using the Tenergy 6V-12V Universal Battery Pack Charger for NiMH NiCd RC Car Batteries. It’s a smart charger with 2 fast charging options for battery packs. Follow this link to Amazon to check to see which options are available.


With the selector switch you can put the gun on auto or semi auto. One down is full auto and all the way down is semi auto. Some Airsoft players experience a selector which becomes loose and other times failing to switch fire modus. That can be easily fixed by tweaking the screw underneath the cap of the switch until it functions properly. Check out this video on how to properly fix this issue.

At the end of this gun you will find the Stock folding mechanism which is relatively solid. That mechanism makes it possible to use this gun in CQB circumstances.

The magazine is a high capacity magazine with a windy wheel at the bottom. They are made of real solid thick polymer plastic with a rough finish. Although the mag doesn’t fall out, it can get a little loose unfortunately. What is really cool is that this gun comes with 2 hi-cap magazines instead of normally getting only one…

Another point with these magazines is that they will ship dry and therefore you should spay a little silicone into the BB feed port. That will help a lot and benefits the durability.

When holding this guns you experience a sturdy and heavy gun.


This guns has reliable internal parts. some guys shoot 12000 rounds without any jams.

This sniper rifle has a highly effective Hop-Up unit which is inside the hammer. It is accessed by pulling the charging handle. If you want more Pop-Up simply push the handle backward. Fore less Pop-Up push it forward.

In the back of the Stock is where you have to put the battery in. This gun comes with a screw driver and the reason for that when you have to change the battery you have to unscrew the back of the Stock.

Inside this gun you will find a metal gearbox with metal gears. The motor produces a velocity of around 350-360 FPS with .25 rounds. The rate of fire is around 11-12 rounds per second with a stock battery. Many tests shows that this gun is extremely accurate within a 50 feet distance. Within 100 feet this gun is still accurate but there are a few odd shots and flyers. When a target is 150 feet away the accuracy is still excellent with a few odd shots and flyers but most hit the target. On full auto the BB’s came out not always in a straight line…

This gun is very high powered and has a high FPS that is great for large outdoor fields.


This is a great gun for indoor as well as outdoor games. This gun has great features like an adjustable Spin-Up Shooting System, folding stock and removable fore grip. Out of the box you get 2 magazines and that is quite unique. The outside is full metal except for hand guard, stock and pistol grip. It has reliable internal parts and you can shoot easy 12000 rounds without any jams. The external parts are also durable and the magazine is easy to load.

Overall it is a very accurate gun with high FPS (great for large outdoor fields), impressive look and feel and very affordable price!

If you are interested in this AK-47 Kalashnikov click this link: Kalishnikov Tactical AK47. But don’t wait because prices are always changing!

I always buy my outdoor tools from Amazon because this is a safe site and they can offer the most competitive prices.

Januari 2019: On my new recommendation page there is no AK mentioned however, I still think this is a great gun!!