Interesting Facts About Patches

4 Interesting Facts About Patches You Never Knew

Patches are a fun and easy way to show character and personality and can be worn on:

  • Vests 
  • Jackets 
  • Tactical equipment
  • Helmets 
  • T-shirts
  • Backpacks

In airsoft a patch on your vest or shoulder not only allows you to identify teammates and opponents but also motivate team members 

Table of Contents

  1. Velcro Patches Are The Best For Airsoft Teams
  2. Patches Need to Be Earned
  3. Patches Are A Popular Collector’s Item
  4. Patches Accentuate a Team’s Personality and Interests
  5. Are You Looking for a Velcro Shoulder Patch to Unify Your Airsoft Team?

There are many types of custom patches you can choose from, including:

  • Embroidered patches 
  • Woven patches 
  • PVC patches 
  • Velcro hook and loop patches 
  • Iron-on patches 
  • Sewn-on patches 
  • Leather patches 

Whether you’re looking for patches to decorate your airsoft gear or distribute to your team, here are some fun and interesting facts about patches.

1 – Velcro Patches Are The Best For Airsoft Teams 

Black Lion Velcro shoulder patch

Velcro hook and loop backing patches are among the best patches for airsoft teams Because the velcro backing allows your team to replace the custom patch instead of replacing the entire uniform. 

In other words, patches with a hook and loop backing give airsoft players the option of attaching different patches based on the event. 

A velcro patch with a full-color flag, for example, can be easily replaced with a muted color or subdued style velcro, especially if your team wants to camouflage.

Besides sticking firmly to various types of surfaces, velcro patches also add realism to your game since the police and military use the same backing. 

To summarize some benefits of velcro hook and loop patches:

  • They can be placed anywhere depending on your team’s needs and preferences.
  • They retain their appearance for a long time, meaning your team will be able to use them over and over.
  • They’re great for personalizing or customizing your airsoft loadout (your airsoft attire), particularly when you want your competitors to know who shot them.

Velcro patches make your loadout unique while allowing your team to make a statement and show their individuality. 

“I tested my Black Lion sight guard in (airsoft) “battle” for the first time last week, and it held up wonderfully. I had shied away from sight guards because I thought they looked kind of ugly, but the unique hex-type design Black Lion uses actually looks cool, much more aggressive than the circular designs.

The patch is also awesome! Really high quality rubber that is very durable and looks good. I’m not a huge fan of morale patches with slogans or cheesy phrases, but this Lion logo looks awesome. I am glad I bought the package deal!”
Nathan H.

While velcro patches are common among airsoft teams, you can also use other backing options such as stick-on or iron-on patches—if your team wants a more permanent patch. 

velcro patches

2 – Patches Need to Be Earned

Most airsoft fields don’t allow players to wear military patches or rank insignia patches unless they’ve earned them. And you need to be able to prove that you’ve earned the patch without documentation.

Wearing the following patches and insignias when playing airsoft is considered disrespectful to law enforcement agents:

  • A U.S Army official name tape
  • Real unit patches you haven’t earned
  • Real military insignia you haven’t earned
  • Anything with reference to the Nazi regime 

These are the unwritten rules of airsoft. Just like you wouldn’t want anyone who’s not on your airsoft team to wear your team patch, you shouldn’t claim to be something you’re not. 

Unless you’ve served and earned the right to wear a military patch or rank insignia, you should wear:

  • Call sign patches 
  • Hilarious morale patches 
  • Team patches 
  • Name tapes 

Of course, players are often rewarded with patches and badges for particular achievements. You may be given a patch by the event organizer, or acquire one by winning specific game modes. These earned patches allow you to show off your accomplishments to your friends and other airsoft players.

butie 20 pieces random funny

Many people love collecting custom patches, especially morale patches and are traded and shared by soldiers, police officers, and even civilians. Morale patches are insignias with humorous images and expressions and have been around since the military started wearing patches. 

In the military morale patches are used to represent and demonstrate the loyalty, pride, and perseverance of military personnel. 

Today, morale patches are also used to cultivate the camaraderie of a group that shares a common experience or goal. They are used in:

  • Sports 
  • Education
  • Firefighting departments
  • Police departments

Here are a few reasons why people collect patches:

  • Collecting patches is a fun way of commemorating important events and activities throughout your life
  • They’re beautiful works of art
  • They’re easy to store and display
  • The price of most patches is reasonable
  • They’re colorful and attractive to show off

In other words, people collect patches because they hold sentimental value. Viewing your patch collection can evoke joy and fond memories much like looking at old photographs.If you know the kind of patches to look for or what you want, Amazon is a great place to start collecting.

testimonial from MC16

4 – Patches Accentuate a Team’s Personality and Interests

If you’re forming an airsoft team consider using patches with colorful, easily recognizable graphics that represent the personalities of your squad. For instance, you can capture your team’s sense of humor by creating custom morale patches. 

Besides cultivating loyalty, solidarity, and pride, morale patches have a history of drawing on inside jokes within groups

Patches that embody your team’s personality and interests can boost confidence, competitiveness, morale, and team identity. As such, you can create patches that have a logo or slogan unique to your team. 

Are You Looking for a Velcro Shoulder Patch to Unify Your Airsoft Team?

If you’re looking for a velcro shoulder patch, the Black Lion team has what you’re looking for. The Black Lion shoulder patch comes with the stealth and diamond sight guards, but you can also get one separately.

Product Characteristics

Sight Guard – STEALTH

stealth sight guard – loose shield and Black Lion shoulder patch

  • Loose protector shield that fits any existing protector stand 
  • Includes Black Lion shoulder patch

Sight Guard – DIAMOND

Black Lion Sight Guard - Diamond - Loose Shield

  • Loose protector shield
  • Fits to any existing protector stand 
  • Includes a Black Lion patch

Sight Guard – DIAMOND | Complete Set

diamond sight guard with a sight guard stand and Black Lion shoulder patch

  • Features a signature look inspired by the specific shapes of military stealth vehicles. 
  • Includes allen key and Black Lion patch

Sight Guard – STEALTH | Complete Set

Black Lion Stealth Sight Guard

  • Loose protector shield 
  • ​​Fits to any existing protector stand
  • Includes Black Lion patch

Sight protectors are crucial because they protect your optics from BBs, while letting you keep an eye on your target.

“Absolutely amazing! I have had this guard now for about a week and it’s already taken some hard hits with no issues. I highly recommend this product to anyone looking to guard their optic. Thank you for the amazing product!”
Kenneth Bush, Colorado, USA.