This section is about different parts and accessories that you may be interested in when you play Airsoft for a while. I will share with you some I’ve used and some that could help you win the battle!

Full Face Mask

I mentioned this several times on this website: you definitely need some face protection! I found out that you can do that in a few different ways. You only could buy goggles, or lower face protection or both!

It’s not necessary but I highly recommend to protect your teeth and mouth. You wil not be the first one who los ta tooth or got an injury on his face. Imagine a BB with a speed of 350 FPS that hit’s your ear… Ouch!!! This face mask and goggle set has been used by many Airsofters and has many positive reviews.

Airsoft Action Camera’s

If you play Airsoft for a while, you may want to set up your own channel and make some video’s about your journey and your experience on the field. I always like to record my game play in order to come up with new ideas and to learn from myself. It’s actually really cool to see what you did / accomplish on the field! And if you post some on Youtube others will like it!

Actually you have 2 mounting options: on your helmet our on your gun by a Scope Camera. So it depends on what you want and what your gear allows.

Contour ROAM3 Waterproof HD Video Camera

I use this camera as my secondary camera. The camera on my helmet I use it as my primary camera. With this camera I can supplement video’s from my main camera. A nice feature is the built-in-laser for Shot Alignment. Be sure that you think of an Airsoft camera mount! The contour ROAM3 is now available on Amazon! Keep in mind that it only shoots 30 frames per second and the quality isn’t as good as the other camera’s I recommend. For example it’s apparent when shooting in a dimly lit area. Unfortunately it hasn’t an auto adjust function. But overall it’s a good quality camera. It’s recommended that you also have a sight scope lens.

Run Cam 2

This camera can be used for Airsoft especially when mounted to a rail. This cam is a 1080P at 60 frames per second. Compared with the ROAM3 is a huge step up.

This camera is phenomenal in high and low light environments and has equal image quality. It can be charged with a external USB-cable however the port to charge is picky with the cables that it took. Follow this link for more details on this Run Cam 2. This camera doesn’t have a shot cam. Furthermore it has the need for post-production

Mobius Camera with modified zoom

The Mobius camera has a modified zoom and ran up. It is very effective in mounting on rifles especially on top of a sniper rifle. It’s a pity that the lens needs to have it’s focus adjusted. Besides that it could ruin a lot of footage when move around in-game by accident. You can easily fix this by marking and align two dots on a lens and body.

Go Pro Hero 7 Black

This camera is mostly used as a main camera because of it’s high quality. If you just started in Airsoft I recommend to save money first and then buy a good camera and put it on your helmet. These camera is more expensive than the others however, it is the best first step to capturing gameplay. This camera has an amazing quality so if you want to do it right from the beginning then go get the Go Pro Hero 7 camera on Amazon! Besides a good facecamera I recommend a run cam 2 as it’s lightweight and shoots really well in 1080p at 60 frames


To test my Airsoft replica on accuracy (after upgrades) and FPS I bought the ACETECH AC6000 Airsoft shooting chronograph. It’s a great product to test consistency or readings. It does everything you need it to do. You can start right away because it’s super easy to use and had it up and running in a few minutes.

The menu is straight forward and easy to read. What I do like is that you can save up to 5 different bb weights and you can change those 5 weights to whatever you are using. I also do like how it record previous shots.

It’s a great chrono for a reasonable price and likely better than the more expensive ones. One disadavantage is the manual that is a bit hard to read through and figure out details.

Battery and Battery Charger

If you regular play Airsoft you need to check your battery and need a battery charger. If you replace your battery you need a universal battery that fits into your gun. The Elite Force NiMH Smart Charger fits in most Airsoft replica’s. Always check Voltage and what is allowed in your Replica!

Of coure Tenergy has also an Universal RC Battery Charger. You always see that all of a sudden someone’s batteries run out of life. It may be yours but could also be one of your teammates who lost a battery or run out of life. You wish you, of one of your teammates had a smart / universal charger. I can ensure you! Follow this link to Airsoft Station for my favorite Universal battery charger.

Bipod 6-9 inch Adjustable Spring Return

If you often shoot from a prone position on uneven ground. The legs deploy smoothly and lock into position very well. The springs are a good strength for keeping the legs folded. I had problems in the past with the swivel stud attachment that come loose but this one doesn’t have that problem! Overall it’s a very good product with good quality, nice fit and nice features, at an affordable price! Follow this link to the best Bipod!

Plasti Dip

Plasti Dip

Plasti Dip is a great solution if you want to paint the orange tip of your Airsoft replica. You just spray it on the orange tip and if you want to have warranty service or go to a Milsim you can actually work on it and peel it away and expose the orange tip.

Scope & Optics

coming soon….