Texas Airsoft law

Texas Airsoft Gun Laws: Are Airsoft Guns Legal?

Texas Airsoft lawThe different states in the US makes it not easy for Airsofters. Despite the guidelines provided by the Federal Government, every state has their own local rules. The Texas gun laws seems to be quite lenient after doing some research.  We actually found out that Texas is a friendly state for Airsofters.

The possession and use of an Airsoft gun is not clearly regulated instead of other states like California. But there are some guidelines that you need to be aware of. Take them in mind the next time when you go out and play.

What the Texas law states

Article 8.01 Discharge of Firearms – Sec. 8.01.002 Prohibited –

It shall be unlawful for any person to discharge a firearm, bow and arrow, crossbow or blow gun within the corporate limits of the city. (1998 Code, sec. 7.102)

The definition of a firearm:

Firearm. Any device designed, made, or adapted to expel a projectile through a barrel by using the enemy generated by an explosion or burning substance.

An Airsoft weapon falls under the category of arms and firearms as you can obtain from the law. Airsoft guns are defined by any weapon that fire based on explosion from a compressed gas, air or spring.

So for example a Co2 Airsoft device would probably not classified as using an explosion. The word explosion refers to a chemical or nuclear reaction to real guns.

The firearm law includes BB guns. Although you are allowed to fire on your own property, the force may be enough to cause damage. As long as you do not attempt to cause injury there is no real restriction.

The Orange Tip law in Texas

A lot of Airsofters have asked this question: “Can I remove the orange tip”?  Well, that vary from state to state. The Texas gun law prohibits you to move or transport with your Airsoft gun if you removed the orange tip. Te state also requires that all Airsoft guns have this orange tip when sold or owned.

Texas Airsoft lawMy personal conclusion is you only need the orange tip to ship. Once you have the Airsoft replica in possession you can take the orange tip off. Or you paint it black if you want. But if you are holding stand by the police it can lead to misunderstanding because you are armed.  Nevertheless, in all the years I’ve never seen someone playing with an orange tip…

The orange tip was not only developed for safety reasons but foremost to avoid confusion. It’s not only about removing the orange tip or not. It’s about how you treat your Airsoft replica. Airsofters won’t get shot because their gun did not have an orange tip. It’s because they treat their Airsoft replica like a real gun.

Check your local law before you modify your gun!

Wat is legal in Texas?

To begin with, Airsoft guns are legal but depending on your city, municipal or county laws decide how and were to use…

It’s legal to use Airsoft weapons and accessories at home, as long as you handle them with safety. If you cause injuries to another person, an animal or a property you can be punished.

Owning a gun is legal too but most cities require to only shoot with an Airsoft gun outside city boundaries.

What is illegal in Texas?

As most other states, it’s not allowed to use or display your Airsoft gun in public. It may only be allowed when you got a written authorization to participate in permitted activities. So always use a bag or case with a locker on it when you transport your gun.

Conclusion on Texas gun laws

While other laws have many restrictions on use an possession, the Airsoft gun law of Texas seems to be pretty lenient. Therefore we just recommend to always check you local law. Always be sure to follow the rules of safety according the Federal Law. Do not forget the dozens of city parks that have also their own rules.

Texas seems to be an Airsoft friendly state. So don’t cause any trouble by treating your Airsoft replica as a real gun. That might makes them think to change the law…

Please be aware that this is not a legal advice. If you want real legal advice talk to an attorney in Texas. If you have a comment or something important to add, please leave a comment below.

Thank you for reading this article.