UTG tacticle vest

The Great Adjustable UTG 547 Law Enforcement Tactical Airsoft Vest

UTG tacticle vestWhen time progresses you get more and more involved in the Airsoft sport. As you become more experienced you want to take more equipment with you to the battlefield which can support you throughout the firefight. Even for some other important issues on the field like having a medical kit. How does it feels like to carry all that stuff in a plastic bag or something else that does not help you move forward fast?

Well, at that point a tactical vest comes in to play. With a tactical vest you can get most of the gear off your belt and out off your bag where it’s more easy to grab if needed. A lot of Airsofters carry several gear on their belt. As long as it is not too much then it’s OK but it’s not practical and ergonomic and as time progress it is getting to crowded on your belt.

Besides that it is good to know that 3 main things effect your shooting:

1.       Gloves (affect trigger and grip)

2.       Goggles/ glasses (affect sight)

3.       The vest (determines the flow of ammunition from vest to firearm)

These three things are widely known among military people. So as you can see the vest is relatively important and has an indirect effect on your shooting. So, you should at least consider a vest because it can helps a lot during your Airsofting.

What to expect from this vest?

When you getting more an more involved in Airsoft you will experience that you need more or better gear in order to carry equipment. As a beginner you can start with a decent jeans and trousers to get to know the Airsoft sport. That way you don’t have to spent a lot of money in the first place and you get the chance to know what you want and what you like.  But as time progress you want to be able to compete with other Airsofters, and you also want to get along with your teammates in terms of bringing value to the team and the mission. Besides that, during a Skirm you carry a lot of things with you and these things don’t fit in your pocket. Moreover it’s not practical to take your equipment of your bag while reloading. So a vest or rig and a tactical belt are indispensable on the battle field.

Which kind of gear you need depends on your role in the field. Lately I wrote an article about the different roles in the field. If you don’t exactly know what you want or what you can expect, please read this article about the different roles. I think it will help you a lot! Click here to follow this link to that article.

As there is a different focus for each role that means you carry different kind of things with you. A Sniper would be more focused on wearing camouflage to be more invisible instead of carrying a lot of magazines. A Support Gunner wants to carry a lot of magazines and even some batteries in order to be supportive.

I think there is no vest really outstanding in terms of one vest fits all. Not everyone is going to like the same vest as you do. The vest your choosing depends on personal preference and which one seems for you the most practical and comfortable.

A Tactical Vest has to meet the follow standards:

  1. Store a lot of different types of magazines for your rifle as well as your sidearm
  2. Store some communication equipment like Walkie-Talkie or cellphone
  3. Attachment points for several pouches
  4. Molle system (Modular Lightweight Load-carrying Equipment)
  5. some kind of rubberized area on one shoulder to lock your weapon in place
  6. Be able to put some hydration packs inside the back
  7. Adjustable in girth and length

Let’s see if this vest is going to deliver what we expect from a Tactical Vest!


This vest is made by Leapers and this is their UTG Swat Vest. This one looks very similar to the Blackhawk! Tactical Vest but this UTG vest is much less expensive! This vest has many storage areas for all kind of different things.

Tactival Vest

                                                                                                                                                                               source: www.Amazon.com

As you can see on the image above, This is a highly advanced Tactical Vest which can be used in several circumstances and for different purposes in the field. I’ve seen Snipers carrying this vest but also Riflemen and Support Gunners. The image above you see may be have seen that this is vest for left handed people. So be careful if you order this vest because on the market we have right handed and left handed vests.

This vest contains high quality zippers so you can be easily use this vest many times without breaking a zipper. This is a common issue with cheaper quality vests when using them intensively. And you not have to worry about damaging it or ripping it apart when your out, moving around crawling or doing whatever your doing.

Overall this vest is made from heavy duty and thick material en most of us users experienced it as not being flimsy at all! The high quality material of this vest makes it durable and worth your money. Even some of the pouches which has Velcro attachment points are super heavy and duty. The pouches can be used in different ways like for nutrigrain bar or a handcuff or small notepad or ammunition.

The mesh on the inside of this vest is extremely strong and help you stay cool in different weather conditions. Actually the entire front is a breathable mesh material and it’s covered with reinforced nylon pals webbing for attachment gear.

On top of the vest there is a durable rescue handle with maximum strength.

Fully Adjustable

Another nice thing about this vest is that it has almost infinite amount of adjustability to it. For example this vest has numerous adjustments to get it fit like a glove, including Velcro on the shoulder and multiple straps on the back. The belt can go to 55″and the chest will go to 55″-60″. The length is also adjustable by folding the shoulder and securing the position with the Velcro. You can read lot’s of reviews on Amazon where people who are tin like 5’7″ and fit the vest pretty well with no jacket underneath while every adjustment is set to the tightest position. Below you can see 6 adjustments on each side 3.

UTG Tractical Vest

                                                                                                                                        source: www.Amazon.com

Although this vest is adjustable it seems to fit people best who are at least 5’10″(178 cm) and have a waistline of at least 34″(86 cm). So if you are bigger than that and under 7″ tall then this vest will work for you. These are just guidelines but it’s clear that this vest is not for kids and only for adult. The image below tells you something about it where it says “One size fits most”.

At the back you also see the standard Molle (Modular Lightweight Load-carrying Equipment) style loops where any manner of gear can be attached, including hydro bladders. You can also use the Molle for the attachment of some kind of ghillie material or something like that to help you with the camouflage when you are a Sniper.

The magazine pouches are also easy to take off. So if you want to remove them from the left to the right because you are left handed that is no problem. The pistol rig can also be removed and you can attach an extra pouch if you want because it’s strapped and velcro combo.

It will not accept plates. It seems to be only made to carry weapons and ammo instead.


The main reason why you need a vest is to store all kind of different things that you normally carry with you in your bag or somewhere else.

Below you see again an image with all the pockets on the vest. I’m impressed of the quality and also the versatility so what role you actually have it doesn’t really matter.

Tactival Vest

                                                                                                                                                               source: www.Amazon.com

On the right collarbone you see a Radio Pouch. You can put a Walkie-Talkie or cellphone in. I think it’s crucial to have something with you to communicate with. That’s because all you know is a maybe or maybe not proposition. You always need to have something for backup communication.

Moving down you see 3 Pistol magazine pouches, but it has regular been used for a multi tool (knife) or a nutrition bar. Very handy!

The large ID pouch with shot shell holder on the right can you use for spare ammunition. On the front you can store 6 shotgun bullets. There is also a velcro strip on the front so you can put you own patch on it if you want.

Moving down you will find the pistol holster.  The only thing about that pistol holster is that you don’t get it out quickly. Therefore you need to take time to get the belt released. It would have been better when it had a thumb break release. What is a thumb break release? check out the youtube video below!

Now your pistol is mostly your sidearm so your not going to be quick drawing it but still it would be nice if it had a thumb break release.

On the other side you can store different rifle magazines. I’ve seen people put in more than 1 mag.

This vest has also 3 very large internal pockets/pouches. You can hold paperwork their or ammo or whatever you want. Internal pouches                                                                                                                                                              source: www.amazon.com

So as you can see at the image above that this vest has ventilated compartments or mesh compartments too keep you hydrated.


As you can see on the images above the vest is black. But it comes also with several other camouflages like OD green, Army Digital and Woodland Digital Camo. So you have quite a selection as far as what you might want to go with as far as your camouflage or the colored jewels.


  • Heavy duty and thick material, not flimsy at all
  • Lots of pockets for rifle and pistol magazines
  • Walkie-Talkie pocket
  • 3 very large internal pockets/pouches
  • Rugged zipper
  • Velcro is super heavy and duty
  • Extremely strong mesh
  • Numerous of adjustments to get it fit like a glove
  • Very adjustable


  • Stiff because it’s heavy and duty
  • Could have sharp corners on certain area
  • This vest could be heavy over long trips
  • Some straps are difficult to adjust
  • The shoulder velcro adjustment could cause blisters if it get chafe


  •  Made of 600D Nylon
  • Special force laod bering version
  • Molle webbing cross straps to attach molle pouches
  • Quick release buckle for wearing
  • fully adjustable
  • Velcro patches
  • weight 1700 gram


This vest got a lot of great uses and a lot of adjustables to make it your own.  The storage is great and this vest can be used for different roles on the Airsoft field. If you are interested in this vest Click this link: UTG 547 Law Enforcement Tactical Vest. But don’t wait because prices are always changing!

I hope you found this article helpful.  Leave me some feedback!