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What Is a Sight Protector?

Optic devices for airsoft guns, such as red dot sights and scopes, are often quite expensive. Thus, having them blown out or shattered during a heated airsoft game is not only frustrating but will cost you a pretty penny. 

As airsoft players, we understand that protection is better than having to fix parts once they’re damaged. There’s no need to wait for the worst to come. Instead, jump the gun, and protect your optic lenses using sight protectors.

A sight protector is a type of shield meant to prevent your Airsoft gun’s scope lens from being hit and damaged by biodegradable balls (BBs). Different sight protectors are made using different materials, including perspex, polycarbonate, plastic, plexiglass, steel wire mesh, and high-quality glass, to protect your lens from impact and scratching.

The protector is mounted to your rail system in front of the optic lens to prevent it from being shattered or damaged when another player hits it with a heavy airsoft BB. High-quality sight protectors can withstand multiple hits without being damaged, thus protecting the optic.

Contrary to popular belief, sight protectors don’t obstruct your view because they are made using see-through materials. Additionally, sight protectors are extremely useful for specialized Close-Quarter Battles (CQB) players in heavy BB slinging indoor fields with close engagements. It’s also common for the players to use the protectors on their flashlights, especially when playing on low-lit indoor fields.

Table of Contents

  1. Why Do I Need a Sight Protector?
  2. What are the Different Types of Lens Protectors?
  3. DIY Red Dot Scope Protector
  4. Frequently Asked Questions

Why Do I Need a Sight Protector?

A man in a green hat and green jacket taking aim with an airsoft rifle enhanced with a sight protector

It gives full-proof protection: High-quality airsoft lens protectors are unbreakable under normal conditions, so you can be confident that your small investment will protect your more expensive investment. 

It can take multiple hits: The best protectors won’t shatter or be dented by the first, second, third, or even fifth hit. Instead, they will take many harsh shots even from close range before giving in to the impact.

It saves you money in the long run: A sight protector is a small price to pay to prevent higher costs. We could say it works as insurance for your optic devices, which we all know are expensive. At the very least, you won’t find a top-notch sight or scope going for $30, yet you can get a sight protector for that price.

It ensures nothing slows you down: A damaged scope or red dot sight will definitely slow you down. You can avoid this by having a sight protector sitting in front of your lens, providing complete protection, and ensuring you don’t slow down or delay your reactions trying to make out what just happened.

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What are the Different Types of Sight Protectors?

There are different types of sight protectors on the market, which function differently but serve the same purpose. 

The price of the protectors differ quite a bit based on quality. You’ll find that the most expensive ones are more resilient and can take multiple hits and withstand severe impact. Others include lens replacements and stands, which then increase the costs.

Honestill square foldable sight scope

Kill Flash

Kill flashes are honeycomb- or steel wire-patterned protectors that offer limited scope protection. They’re easy to install without the need for special equipment and protect your lens by taking initial BB impact and shredding the typical BB. 

Unfortunately, the shredding is also a disadvantage of the kill flash because the shattered BBs can still make their way to the sight or scope, leaving scratches on it. 

All in all, they are an affordable choice that provides you with multiple other benefits, including anti-glare and anti-glint protection, so that your red dot does not give you away. They also protect your scopes and sights from grime and scratches caused by sand and dirt.

Black Lion Sight Guards 

Black Lion designs sleek and unique sight guards that are functional and match your personal style. The unique design is inspired by the shape of stealth military vehicles. The sight guards are neat, streamlined, and big enough to cover different red dots and sights.

The impact-resistant guards are made using high-quality polycarbonate, the same material used in making motorcycle helmet visors. They’re tested under extreme conditions to guarantee maximum protection even under typical airsoft conditions. 

Black Lion sight guards are versatile and highly customizable. As a result, if you had another sight shield that was broken (we can guarantee that won’t happen with these shields), you can use the protector stand to fit your new Black Lion shield.

Alternatively, if you’re an all-or-nothing sort of person, you can throw that stand out and get the complete shield and stand set from Black Lion. 

Black Lion stealth sight guard with protector stand


Black Lion diamond sight guard with protector stand


People love Black Lion sight covers for their unmatched quality and unbreakable nature:

“I’m the kind of guy that runs at you when you try to shoot me, I get hit from close range often, my gun gets hit from close range often, my first protector broke after about two hits…. The Black Lion protector is still fine after many close range encounters. Long story short it’s a great protector.
-Jordy Bolderdijk”

How Do the Stealth and Diamond Designs Compare?

The stealth and diamond designs have slight variations in their shapes. The diamond sight guard takes the shape of a diamond, while the stealth guard remains true to the original design of the sight guards.

Another thing is that you can get a black or transparent diamond-shaped guard, while stealth guards only come in a transparent finish.

Otherwise, all other specifications remain the same.

  Diamond Sight Guard Stealth Sight Guard
Weight 30 grams 30 grams
Impact resistance 250 times stronger than glass 250 times stronger than glass
Total dimensions H69 x W50 mm H69 x W50 mm
Shield dimensions H55 x W50 mm H55 x W50 mm
Allen key included Yes Yes

Both Black Lion sight guards also come with a double scratch-resistant layer, fiber cloth, and velvet sachet.

DIY Red Dot Scope Protector

There are multiple ways to make DIY scope protectors that are cost effective and very reliable. Among them is using a sheet of Lexan, a polycarbonate resin thermoplastic sheeting that’s available in most hardware stores. 

Some tutorials recommend using plexiglass or standard acrylic sheets, but these are not as strong as Lexan and won’t provide your optics with the foolproof protection they need.


  • A sheet of Lexan
  • Several cutting tools or a multi-tool
  • A sanding block
  • Black electrical tape


A DIY Lexan sight protector held between two fingers
Image courtesy
  1. Cut out the shape of your optic from the Lexan sheet. Don’t remove the protective layer on the Lexan until you’re ready to fit the DIY protector to your optic.
  2. Remove the cap on your optic, and test whether the Lexan protector fits nicely over your scope.
  3. Take off the rough edges using the multi-tool, then sand it down using the sanding block until it fits perfectly over your optic lens. Remember to sand away from the grain—this prevents the protective barrier on the Lexan from pulling away.
  4. Once the Lexan fits perfectly on your optic, use the cutting tools or the saw on the multi-tool to cut a tiny notch on the protector to make it easier to remove.
  5. Peel the protective barrier film off, and fit the Lexan onto your optic.
  6. Place the cap on your optic ring, and close it as tightly as you can. If it won’t close well, that’s where the tape comes in handy to retain the ring and the Lexan on the optic.
  7. Head onto the field, and bring your guns out without fear of having your lens or scope blown off.

Here’s a YouTube video tutorial taking you through the step-by-step process of creating the Lexan optic sight protector:

Frequently Asked Questions

How Many Sight Protectors Do I Need?

Players normally need just one front optic lens protector because the front-facing impact is the most common type of impact in CDQ and on outdoor airsoft fields. 

A back-sight protector is not necessary because the ocular side of the scope is obscured by the body. Additionally, there’s almost nobody who’s had the back of their optic hit. 

What are Some Things to Consider When Buying a Sight Protector?

A few conditions that determine the protector you use include:

  • The type of scope you use
  • The size of the scope
  • The mounting space 
  • The mounting options

Which Lens Protector is the Best?

The Black Lion sight guards are the best optic lens protectors for your airsoft guns. They offer unprecedented convenience as they are ready to use right from the box, unlike DIY options. 

They provide your scope and sight with foolproof protection unlike kill flashes, and they can withstand many hard hits. The best part? You don’t have to stay home as you wait for your Black Lion package because your sight guards are sent by regular mail.