Airsoft Merch Worth Collecting

3 Types of Airsoft Merch Worth Collecting

Airsoft enthusiasts are a passionate lot who often love to invest in weapons and other airsoft equipment. As a result, many have colossal merchandise collections.

For various reasons, collecting different airsoft memorabilia is a pleasurable activity that you may be looking forward to diving into. Whether for the pride of owning rare possessions, the love of the game, or a thrilling connection to airsoft, it is all worthwhile.

Pleasure aside, collecting different airsoft merchandise is a profitable financial investment because many of these assets gain value over time. For this reason, we want to point you towards three types of airsoft merchandise that are absolutely worth collecting.

Our top picks are fun to collect and make airsoft an even more fantastic hobby.

Table of Contents

  1. Type 1: Set Up an Airsoft Gun Collection Wall
  2. Type 2: Invest in Different Types of Airsoft Apparel
  3. Type 3: Collect Patches
  4. Frequently Asked Questions

Type 1: Set Up an Airsoft Gun Collection Wall

variety of high quality airsoft

An airsoft gun collection is not something you want to hide. Therefore, an airsoft gun collection wall is an excellent way to store the gun replicas. 

A gun display wall ensures the safety of your guns while allowing you to enjoy the aesthetic and triumph of setting up the collection. 

airsoft gun wall

Enough about the wall; now, let’s get to the real deal. Which guns should you collect and why?

The choice of which guns to collect is not an easy one, but the journey to deciding is an exciting one. 

You must start by deciding why you are collecting replica firearms in the first place:

  • Have you seen it in a movie or on TV and can’t wait to get your hands on it?
  • Are you looking to collect antique guns, modern guns, or both?
  • How much are you willing to spend?
  • Are you looking to pass down the pieces as a family heirloom?

Whatever your reason, there are a variety of options available to you. The best part is that if you buy right, it’s hard to lose your money on a firearm.

Guns Featured in Movies and TV Shows

Collecting guns that you’ve seen being used by your favorite heroes in movies and TV shows is a thrilling experience. 

It also earns you bragging rights among other airsoft enthusiasts. Additionally, depending on the popularity of the weapon, the movie, or the character, you can make a good buck in the future when reselling it.

The table below points you towards some airsoft rifles featured on the big and small screen, including the characters who are seen with them.

Airsoft Gun Movie or TV Show Featured In Character(s) Seen With It
Marlin Model 1895SBL lever-action rifle Jurassic World Owen Grady
Gas Blowback M9 Airsoft Pistol The Walking Dead (Season 3) Carl
WE Tech Baby Hi-Capa 3.8 (Type 8) Airsoft Pistol Agents of Shield (Season 1) May
KJW Taurus PT92 Salt Agent Millers

Collecting Antique vs. Modern Guns

First Airsoft Replica

Consider collecting firearms that are no longer made or imported because they increase in value as the number of rifles in circulation reduces. Some rare possessions also include limited-edition guns. 

You don’t have to break the bank to get an antique airsoft gun, as you can get authentic pieces with provenance, meaning you get them for a good deal.

Selecting modern guns for your collection is significantly harder than collecting antique firearms because of the wide variety of modern firearms available. 

You will need to consider your budget and the functionality of the replica you pick up for your collection.

There are a variety of high-quality airsoft firearm replicas available on the market that would look good when displayed in your collection. Some of the best options are hand-assembled airsoft rifles, which you can find for as low as $120 or as much as $1,000.

As you can expect, cheaper airsoft gun models are short-lived and degrade more quickly, but more expensive guns are durable and give you a good run for your money.

The following table depicts replica gun brands under three main price categories.

Price Category Brands
  • Elite Force
  • Valken
  • Colt
  • Galaxy
  • UK Arms
  • G&G
  • Salient Arms
  • LCT
  • Tokyo Marui
  • Classic army
  • G&G
  • Salient Arms
  • LCT
  • Tokyo Marui
  • Classic army

The lower-end brands mostly manufacture clones of the replicas produced by the high-end brands. This means that if you only intend to display them on your gun wall, nobody will know.

Although collecting airsoft rifles is not a cheap hobby, these collectibles last a lifetime and gain value over time, provided you store them well and clean them regularly

Here’s one of the most diverse airsoft gun collections worth more than $10,000.

Tips for Collecting the Most Valuable Airsoft Guns

  1. Be realistic and give  good thought to the replicas you collect from movies and books. That’s because most of these are known for their looks and not necessarily their accuracy. 
  2. Take your time when purchasing airsoft replica guns and avoid making emotional purchases. 
  3. Patience will save you money when collecting replica firearms, so we suggest keeping a wishlist of rifles you’d love to own. Take time to research and think about the value of a gun before walking into a shop or ordering online.

Type 2: Invest in Different Types of Airsoft Apparel

airsoft player in full tactical uniform

Camouflage military patterns have been around for hundreds of years. In this time, the iconic designs have evolved but remain a sweet reminder of particular wars and the changing nature of warfare.

Collecting tactical gear allows you to be deeply embedded in the military and cultural memory, and evokes a feeling of connectedness to these past eras. 

You can collect different types of functional camouflage uniforms.

Hang or prop up your most valuable uniforms on a shelf that’s away from direct sunlight and moisture. Don’t forget to consistently dust the uniforms you rarely use to prevent damage and wear.

Below are five military camouflage patterns you need to consider having in your collection.

Testimonial from Ryan Poff

The Multicam

Cyre Precision and the US Army Natick Laboratories invented the Multicam camouflage pattern in 2002. It was initially called the Scorpion pattern and was ideal for different environments.

Multicam camouflage pattern

Reasons to collect:

  • US Army troops initially ridiculed the Multicam, calling it “Airsoft camo.” But, that is no longer the case after it outperformed the UCP pattern during the war in Afghanistan.
  • It is among the best camo patterns in the modern era.

Desert Night Camouflage (DNC)

It is an Axolotl and Laurel Green pixelated grid camouflage pattern. The Army came up with this camo print in 1967 to thwart Soviet night vision devices. 

The pattern was later used by the U.S. military in 1990 during the Gulf war. 

Reasons to collect:

  • It’s among the most unique camo patterns you’ll encounter
  • It was used during the Persian Gulf War

Army Combat Uniform Pattern (ACUPAT)

ACUPAT camouflage pattern

It’s the current combat uniform worn by various branches of the US military forces. It features a pixelated pattern that omits the color black in its design.

Reasons to collect:

  • It’s a modification of the US Marine Corps’ MARPAT camouflage pattern.
  • It resembles the Canadian CADPAT pattern.
  • It was phased out in December 2019, meaning its supply is diminishing, making it a collectible that is likely to gain value over time.

M81 Woodland

The M81 Woodland is a classic camo pattern used by the USMC and the US Army between 1977 and the mid-2000s.

Reasons to collect:

  • It is a sweet reminder of Army life in the 1980s. 
  • The pattern was enlarged from the ERLD pattern to give it higher contrast. The changes also marked the shift in the tactical focus of the US military from fighting in extremely close-range wars to fighting in longer-range battles.

Medals, patches, citation ribbons, wings, special unit awards, and badges embellish your uniform beautifully and increase its value.

Type 3: Collect Patches

patch adhered on tactical gear

Patches are an exciting addition to your airsoft merchandise collection that helps you express your uniqueness and individuality as an airsoft enthusiast.

While in an airsoft battle, patches are used by specific teams to differentiate friend from foe. Airsoft team patches have some common elements, including

  • Multicam colors
  • The shield shape
  • The classic Roman or Spartan helmet

However, you don’t have to stick to the status quo. You can opt for patches unique to your team or that promote a brand or an event.

A unique patch you will love to have in your collection is the Black Lion shoulder patch made, using PVC with a stunning 3D effect. In addition, the patch features Black Lion’s brand avatar inside the classic shield shape.

Black Lion shoulder patch

The Black Lion shoulder patch is an inexpensive collectible that you can add to your own collection, gift to your airsoft team members, and anyone else who’d like to join your team or community.

Airsoft PVC Patches
“5 out of 5 stars, Always satisfied with the best quality.”
Jong hwal Jeon

Away from the field, you can collect as many patches as you’d like to express your love for the sport. 

As you browse for patches to collect, you will also come across patches made for:

  • Organizations related to airsoft
  • Military tactical training operations
  • Professional airsoft clubs
  • Airsoft fields
  • Airsoft stores
  • Armory suppliers

You can create a custom display of your patches or adhere them to your jackets and bags.

Check out Gregory Wong’s airsoft gun and gear collection, featuring hundreds of patches.

Tactical airsoft vest


What are the safety precautions when storing the guns in my collection?

Here are the safety precautions you need to take when placing the guns on the wall.

  • Ensure it’s in safe mode
  • Remove your magazine from the gun
  • Lubricate the magazine
  • Relax the spring

What else can I collect?

There are many other airsoft equipment and accessories you can add to your collection. 

These include:

  • Hats and helmets
  • Tactical vests
  • Hydration packs
  • Optics, scopes, and sight protectors
  • Face protection 

Where do I get the collectibles?

Airsoft Station is the best place to get airsoft replica guns at great prices. They also stock up on airsoft accessories and tactical gear. 

Amazon is also a great alternative. While Black Lion is an excellent choice for patches, we are looking forward to seeing them expand their merchandise collection.