Airsoft rules

Airsoft Rules And Legislation: What Is Allowed?

Airsoft rulesAirsoft is a field simulation contact sport. That means that you can get HIT, or even injured. Is it that bad?  No, of course not! As long as it happens in a safe manner. Every Airsoft field has therefore established a set of rules and regulations in order to keep this game enjoyable for everyone.

You might already know or heard of some of these rules and legislation. That’s OK, just read on. The only thing that matters here, is applying those rules with a sense of honor, integrity and honesty. Just keep those values in mind when applying those rules.

So, before you start going, you might want to read these Airsoft rules. Otherwise you are at risk being rejected from the field.

Airsoft Safety Rules

Before you can attend an Airsoft game, you likely have to sign in for a safety brief. Your Airsoft gun is checked on FPS limit and your eye- and face protection must be in line with regulations.

Eye Protection

With eye protection we don’t mean regular prescription glasses. These are not acceptable as safety eye wear. Always wear eye protection in the form of goggles, masks or shooting glasses. Some of these you could find here. These glasses must not only meet ANSI Z87.1 standards but they also should be fully sealed.

These glasses will be worn as soon as you are on the battlefield. The only area where you can remove your glasses is the Safe Zone. But even then I wouldn’t. You never know how a lost BB can hit your face.


When the spring is finally there and the weather becomes better, you likely have a mind to go out there and play Airsoft. When the weather becomes better, the less you clothes you likely to bring with you. But take in mind that an average BB is shot with around 300-400 FPS. For that matter you will need some cover. Wear long sleeved tops, trousers and suitable footwear. Don’t bring your trainers or thin soled shoes with you. Instead, bring these boots.


When you’re going to a skirmish that is not nearby you likely drive by car while you bring your gun with you. There are several rules for carrying or transport a gun. Here in the Netherlands for example you have to:

1.       Approve that you’re a member of an Airsoft association

2.       You take the shortest route from your home to the Airsoft field or the gun trader

3.       Put your Airsoft case in your car’s trunk. If you don’t have an Airsoft case yet, then check this article first

4.       Be sure that your gun is not loaded; magazines and batteries out, barrel empty

5.       Close your weapon case with a padlock

6.       And you always should bring your license with you

In most other countries there is also some law around this topic. I can imagine that the US LAW has less restrictions than we have. I will dive deeper into different country laws in a next article. However, to be clear this article is based on law in the US  and UK.

Playing Area

Each Airsoft field has their boundaries marked of tapped of. Do not cross the boundaries or tapped off areas. It’s for your own safety.

When playing Airsoft you probably meet some wildlife. Do not shoot any wildlife and take care of the vegetation. We’re not animal hunters!

Game Rules

You drive all the way to the Airsoft field and you think you ready to play. But before you can play you have to be sure that you are signed in before the safety brief will take place. Otherwise you can only join the second game.

When you meet the safety requirements you are ready to play. The Game Moderator is responsible for all safety related items and events that occur on the field. If you have a conflict or other issue, talk to the Game Moderator as he is the final approval for all field decisions.
The Moderator also checks your weapon on FPS and if it’s modified. Don’t cheat after your weapon is checked. You are then at risk to be dumped from the Airsoft field.

Every Airsoft field has a Safety Zone. In that area it is not allowed to shoot with your Airsoft gun. In case of non compliance you’re at risk to be dumped from the Airsoft field. For another player it’s not allowed to shoot into or through a re-spawn (Safe Zone). You should have no gun fire within 50 feet of a re-spawn.

On the field there are 3 important safety rules when being hit or get shot:

1.       The foot safety kill range

2.       Blind man term

3.       Medic rule

The foot safety kill range is a minimum distance between you and your opponent. You’re not allowed to shoot within a distance of 20 meters or less. Instead you pull out a sidearm or pointing your current weapon at a target and shout “Safety Kill”!

The term “Blind Man” will be used if you got injured. Really injured. If somebody shout “Blind Man”, all players will holster their Airsoft weapons and put them on safe. Wait until further instructions from the Game Moderator.

You are being hit when an Airsoft BB hits any part of your body, your clothing or your weapon. Once you are hit you shout “HIT!” and raise your weapon above your head. After being hit walk out of the battle and return to the Safe Zone with your weapon above your head. Keep your face protection on!
When you’re being hit and consciously not calling out for a hit you risk to be ejected from the day’s game event.

When get hit you can use the “Medic Rule”. You raise your dead rag in the air and you lay down or sit down until a medic can attend to you. A squad member will tight a strip around your arm so that you can resume fighting. As long as you don’t run out of resources your squad can tight strips on wounded Airsofters.

For real world injuries or emergencies “Man Down” call is reserved. You can only use this if someone got really hurt.

As far as gun safety goes don’t keep you magazines on the gun while in the parking. Treat your gun like it is a real gun!
Second, never point your Airsoft Rifle or pistol at anything you don’t intend to shoot. Always keep your gun pointed in a safe direction. That could be straight down or straight up. When you to turn your Airsoft gun from up to down and somebody is standing on your left, first turn around and and then bring your gun down. Treat your gun as if it’s loaded.
Third, do not violate the FPS regulation. If you are jacking the FPS after it has been checked you risk being dumped from the Airsoft field. Pro sets handle up to 450 FPS with .2 gram BB’s but they are not designed to handle a whole lot more…


In the Airsoft community honor, integrity and honesty are widely preached. When you are on the field respect the rules. Even when you are not on the field, try to represent the Airsoft community. Here are some general rules to keep in mind:

  1. Avoid exceptional behavior like rough physical contact, screaming or shouting, foul language or calling hits on other people.
  2. Throw your trash in receptacle or take off the field and clean your area.
  3. Don’t use foul language.
  4. No physical contact of any kind: no fighting, no pushing, no shoving and no punching.
  5. Do not be tempted to use drugs or alcohol.
  6. Avoid creating unsafe environments for yourself and others like climbing in trees or do a summersault into the creek.