Can I Carry an Airsoft Replica in Public?

You probably started your Airsoft journey in your backyard…right? Well, at that time you didn’t think about going to a skirmish or Airsoft weekend right? But once you played Airsoft, you become enthusiastic and often want to transport your Airsoft replica from one place to another. Now you’re wondering if it’s actually allowed to carry / transport an Airsoft replica in public… here is the short answer:

So can you carry an Airsoft replica in public? It depends on your location, as Airsoft is not legal everywhere. Other common factors besides legal restriction are age and licensing. It wouldn’t be wise in general to carry an Airsoft replica in public because it can result in panic and commotion because they are a look alike of a real gun.

If your state has an open carry law allowing you to carry an Airsoft replica while holstered then do so at your own discretion.

So how do you take your Airsoft replica with you when going from one place to another in order to play at another field, with friend etc…? Actually there are safe ways to carry / transport your Airsoft replica in public. As long as it is not visible in public. I will discuss those ways further in this article. Enjoy!

Ways to Carry or Transport an Airsoft Replica

So again, we do not recommend you to carry an Airsoft replica in public. But is it allowed? Yes and no. In most countries it’s not allowed to carry an Airsoft replica in public. What is allowed, is to carry or transport an Airsoft replica in a bag or a case so it’s not in sight of the public.

Carrying an Airsoft Replica on the Street

Carry an Airsoft gun

First of all: never brandishing your Airsoft replica in public (area’s)! In California for example it’s a crime to brandish a look-alike Airsoft replica in public.

So what should you do if you want to take your Airsoft replica to friends or a skirmish? How can you take your Airsoft replica with you?

Well, first of all you need to know if it’s allowed to posses an Airsoft replica in your country. Otherwise you’re not allowed to carry an Airsoft replica at all. In those countries it’s not allowed to posses an Airsoft replica:
Possession of Airsoft guns:
Arkansas: Possession and use of all Airsoft guns has been outlawed in this state.
California: Minimum age restriction for possession of air gun is eighteen years. The California Airsoft gun law is defined by Senate Bill No. 199
Illinois: Air guns do not fall under the category of firearms since July 13 2012
Michigan: Possession of an Airsoft gun is prohibit under the age of eighteen years.
New York City: Are you sixteen years or less? Then you are prohibited from possessing an air pistol or air gun.

All replica guns are deemed illegal in San Francisco and Chicago. Most other states have strict rules regarding carrying and possession of air guns.

Or Transport a Replica in Your Car

I think it’s always better to transport your Replica without being in sight of the public. If you decide to go somewhere with your (parents) car, you probably wonder how to travel safe without being penalized by an policeman.

Well, if you travel by car, you need to store your Airsoft replica an a bag or case away from seating, for example in the trunk. TIP: Always keep your BBs away from your Airsoft replica! And your replica should be unloaded.

In some countries you need a license and you have to report if you transport with you Airsoft replica. There are even laws that govern how an Airsoft replica can be transported in a vehicle. Always treat an Airsoft replica as if it were a real firearm. Also always be mindful on how you transport your Airsoft replica in public as well as in your vehicle.

Always check your law or ask somebody who played Airsoft for a longer time.

Extreme care should be used at all times with Airsoft replica’s, and it is best to treat Airsoft guns as a real firearm while handling and transporting them.

It should go without saying that carrying an Airsoft gun in an open area is never encouraged. if you must carry one through a public area, use a bag or case.

Related Questions

Which is better, an Airsoft guns or a BB guns? First you need to know that BB guns are designed for target shooting, have higher velocity and heavier weighted projectile. Airsoft guns fire a slightly larger but lighter plastic projectile (called BB) that won’t cause much harm or damage when shot at another player.
There is a wider range of Airsoft guns in comparison to BB guns because the market for BB guns isn’t as huge as Airsoft guns.
Furthermore, Airsoft guns are better and easier to maintain, repair and upgrade.
So for simple target shooting you can go for a BB gun. If you plan to play a game with friends and shoot at each other with the gun of your choice, then an Airsoft gun is better.
What happens when you get shot with a BB gun?
If you get shot in your face, it may damage or seriously injury it. When you get shot in the eye, it can cause seriously damage. There I insist you to use full face protection in order to cover your eyes, ears an teeth. Your will not the only one who lost some teeth.