You can go wild on this or you can start with the basics… First of all let me say that there is a big misconception that you do need a whole bunch of gear and tactical equipment in order to play Airsoft. That is actually not the case at all. You can actually play Airsoft with a bare minimum amount of gear and equipment.

You can start off with some rigid shoes, a basic stretch jeans, a long-sleeve shirt and some trousers that take a bit out those shots. And of course you need your an Airsoft replica and face protection. That is basically all you need as far as gear and face protection to enjoy your first day! And of course don’t forget your Airsoft replica.

If you did like your first day, it is recommended that you protect yourself and that you go for some basic tactical gear so you can play a skirmish. Mostly you will play with a team that has it’s own recognizable gear. So think about that firs.

Face Protection

The main thing, and this is really important is face protection. On most fields it’s even forbidden to play without face protection. So I strongly advise you to buy some face protection. You may think you are safe without because there are rules governing where and how far away you can shoot an opponent from, accidents can happen. Many times we have seen some guys injured from a BB that was shot to their head. Not an amuse thing to see, I can tell you that…

So some of the basic equipment you should have is face and eye protection. You can choose goggle or some glasses. Unfortunately there is a huge difference in quality and price among protection glasses. The cheapest ones are made out of plastic and has mesh material. Those give you some basic protection but have also some really big downsides. Therefore I avoid the cheap ones. One major downside of a mesh goggle is that it’s possible for a BB to chatter and causes fragments coming into your eyes. Another major reason is that half of your vision will be covered by the grid itself.

So what we recommend is an ESS and ANZI rated Goggle. The ANZI rating assures that even if you are hitting in the lens with a really high FPS gun, they will not shatter or break.

The one that really passed the test is the V-TAC Zulu Airsoft Goggles . The V-TAC Zulu is a good fit an very comfortable to wear. The TPU frame features excellent resistance to cold and heat. It also has a wide adjustable elastic strap with quick release system in the back that can make putting them on easier. What I like most is that this goggle is truly fog resistant. Most others are not. So you don’t have to clean them once in a while. Most Airsoft players underestimate the risk when take it off and wipe them clean….

Valken V-TAC Sierra Goggles

Another options is the Valken Airsoft Tango Goggles. This is an ANSI rated goggle and fully sealed. It also have the new and improved Tango Thermal Goggles and an indirect ventilation system. Follow this link for more details


Beside the goggles take also in account buying a mask. Most fields do not require you to use lower face protection but this is as important as eye protection. I highly recommend using lower face protection because a BB with 300-400 FPS can cause a lot of damage to your face…I’ve seen pictures on the internet with people missing teeth because they didn’t carry a mask while playing. So, that being said…

Let’s see what kind of masks we have. There are versions with metal and plastic mesh. These masks come in all sort of different colors and patterns and are very breathable. The main problem that everyone has with these masks is that these are hard to make fit with different types of goggles. Some Airsofters will odd their mask. Others go out and find specific goggles that work with different type of masks. I always would recommend the ones with ear protection! Most Airsofters don’t think about ear protection. But man, that can hurt..! In my opinion the 3G Steel Mesh Half Face Mask is a great one!

Unigear half Face Lower Mesh mask


Most fields allow you to play with regular attire. With a normal jeans and a jacket or long-sleeve (both need to cover your arms and legs) you are be able to play Airsoft. Some fields will have apparel for rent but i don’t think you want that…

Sinairsoft US Army Uniform(amazon)

If you want some apparel because you play in a team and want to be recognized as a team or for the sake of camouflage it’s nice to have a uniform (BDU). But what would you get? There are BDU’s in the price range of $50 – $250 so what should you get?

The Standard issued BDU is for the beginner. It is not super functional. You don’t have a million pockets and you don’t have the breathable sports fabric. So it’s just good enough for camouflage and protection. The Lancer Tactical Combat Uniform Set has also knee pads and elbow pads! But read alsow some reviews on Airsoft Station to get an idea of what you get! As an alternative you can look at the Jaguan Tactical Airsoft Combat uniform which has a lot of pockets and integrated pads.

Boots or Shoes?

Maelstrom Men’s Tac Force Boots

So what do you think? Do you think you can play Airsoft on a pair of old shoes? Then we must reveal that the most common injury in Airsofting is ankles. Therefore you should have something with big ankle support, whether that is a pair of boots or shoes. Ankle support is very important especially in Woodland environments! The Altai 8″ Laced Waterproof SuperFabric Mesh Tactical Boots are an Amazing fit! Try it yourself!

Chest Rig or Vest?

As a beginner you may not know exactly the difference between a Chest rig or Vest. The chest rig is responsible for basically manage all your gear. It’s going to carry magazines around for you and give you a place to put empty magazines. It has also a place for your sidearm. Attention! Some rigs are sniper rigs and others are M4 minded. Have also in mid what kind of role you want / are playing on the field. If you just start then you don’t need one right away. If you plan to play on a regular basis it’s very handy! The Condor Recon Chest Rig is extremely durable and reliable!

Chest rig pouches
Condor Chest Rig

Even if you only play one Airsoft game that will last around 30 minutes, you still need some magazines an probably some rounds. And having some equipment does definitely help you out and provide an extra level of protection.

A Cross draw vest?

If you don’t want to carry a chest rig then it may be a better option going the route of a cross vest. These type of vests have all the magazine pouches built into them. Some of them even have a pistol holster with pistol pouches. So if you’d like to carry a sidearm, a pistol holster with pistol pouches is also available to you.

UTG Law Enforcement Tactical Vest

If you really want something like a vest or chest rig I would definitely recommend a vest, especially for the beginner. A vest is quite cheap, work well and can be used for different purposes / roles. The UTG Deluxe Tactical Vest is everything you need. It’s durable, fully adjustable and has many pouches for storage. Check out my full review here!


If you played Airsoft already you would have experienced that you need something on your head. It’s really nice to hear some BBs pop on top of your helmet and have the idea that you are protected by a helmet. It also protect you from knocking your head into trees, doors, windows etc.. Some helmets have the option to put a goggle on it that can flip away to the side.

Lancer Tactical CA-806T Maritime ABS

Other than the obvious function to protect your head, a helmet also features side rails for different attachments like lasers and flashlights or action cameras. A good helmet also comes with front mounts where you can attach night vision for MILSIM play. The Lancer Tactical CA-806T Maritime ABS Helmet is a lightweight, durable helmet with high quality construction!


You know it when you played your first Airsoft game. You definitely need some hand protection. Holding an Airsoft replica with an injured hand is not the best foundation for accurate shooting isn’t it? 😉 Both in Woodland an CQB you will need hand protection. Imagine yourself that you will have to climb over obstacles, go prone, get some vegetation out of the way… During a mission you experience all of this. So don’t go play without some good gloves! The Mechanix M-Pact Tactical Gloves are still my favorite.

Use a bag/case for transporting

When you’re going to a skirmish or dealer, In many States / Countries it is mandatory to transport or carry your Airsoft replica in a gun bag or case with a locker. You put it onloaded in a case seperate from your BBs. That way casual misuse is prevented. The Condor Single Rifle Case one of the best and most functional and durable rifle case. It’s definitely worth your money!

Airsoft gun bag
Condor Single Rifle Case

Are you planning to take your Airsoft gun on a plane? Don’t take any risk at customs! I advise you a full TSA proof Airsoft gun case! It’s the

Plano Heavy Duty Padded Rifle Case