G&G Combat Radar Machine

G&G Combat Machine Radar Airsoft Gun

G&G Combat Radar MachineThe G&G Combat machine Radar is a great Airsoft Gun! Many Airsofters experienced that for themselves but I also did a short research and read quite a few reviews for it on several popular Airsoft websites. Everyone who has tried this Gun is amazingly happy with it and has loved it!

Why is everyone happy about this gun? Well, this gun is absolutely fantastic utilizing it in extreme conditions, the price is definitely right, you can hold it up in one hand, the F.P.S is good and this gun is greatly upgradable!

I think this gun is worth every penny so….. find out yourself!

1. Who is this G&G Combat Machine gun for?

A wonderful question that always keeping asks is… “What is the best Airsoft gun to begin with”? Well, here is the answer! The best Airsoft gun to begin with is the G&G Combat Machine Radar! Not only for beginners in my opinion but also for more advanced player. It’s pretty much the best beginner package on the market today.

The colors available are Tin and Black, they are easy to care and the price range is about $135-$220 which fit’s a lot of budgets!

2. Quality and features

The construction of this gun is made of nylon palmer rather than ABS; that’s why the body is very strong.

This gun is made from really durable material and not made from ABS plastic like other Airsoft guns. So, that’s why it’s so hard to break even for those young players that drop that gun on the ground several times…

With that gun you get a battery and a smart charger. Mostly you get a triple charger but with this gun you get a smart charger! It will cut off when your battery is added full of charge and it takes only 2-3 hours to charge!

2.1 Detailed Features

What are the special features of this G&G Combat Machine Radar? The appearance of this gun is great but is this gun upgradable and what are the features?

G&G Rail Space

First of all this type of gun is made in several series; a radar long and radar short version. The only difference is the barrel extension.

One of the main features is the rail space upfront with for all kind of accessories and attachments. Left you see the huge rail upfront.


Another features are forward grips and laser lights. The top has plenty of place to put some kind of optic on it. Besides that it is also possible to remove the rear sight host which you see on the picture above in  the front.

Another feature is the sling points in the front in the middle and some point in the stock.

2.1.1 An Adjustable Stock

Adjustable stockThe stock is an adjustable stock and it also holds the battery in it. On the photo left you can see at the rear end an triangle with a clip to extend the rear end to make the stock a bit longer to reach a better use.

So what to do to change the battery?

Simply push on the 2 tabs at the bottom of the plate and pull that part off. Remove the triangle peach and that will reveal your battery compartment. That battery tray is also included in the package when you buy this gun.

2.1.2. The magazine

G&G MagazineThe magazine is a high capacity magazine, but not a typical high capacity magazine.

Most beginner guns come up with a magazine that holds around 300 BB’s. But the capacity of a G&G magazine holds at least 450 BB’s. That’s what I called a high capacity magazine!

How to (re) fill and operate the magazine?

To operate the magazine you simply open the trap door at the top of the magazine. Then push your BB’s in and close the magazine. The wheel on the bottom of the magazine is meant to feed the feeding and then the tension will start within the magazine as you wind up the magazine. You wind it up till you heard a safety click and that will be a fully wind magazine.

Once the magazine is fully wound it should deplete almost the entire magazine without having to rewind it. By following this link to Amazon you will get a competitive priced G&G Mid-Cap magazine designed for M4/M16 AEG’s. I recommend also the Metal Tac Airsoft Speed Loader…

2.1.3 The Hop-Up & BB’s

The Hop-Up is another feature build in the G&G Combat Machine Radar. The Hop-Up effects the flight pattern of the BB.

To access the hop-up you simply open up the dusk cover with your hand and you will see the green dial which will have the directions for the Hop-Up. Push forward to increase the Hop-Up and push back to decrease the Hop-Up.

Un-jamming rod

Tip 1: Don’t reuse BB’s! One they have been fired; they have been fired! Why? Because they have the potential to tear up the hop up system which is the accuracy of your weapon!

Tip 2: If the BB is not feeding then use un-jamming rod! Stick that un-jamming rod into the gun and the BB should pop out!


2.1.4 Which BB’s to use?

Well, you don’t want to buy BB’s that are lower than .2 gram and you don’t want to buy them from a big box mark or a sporting goods store or anything like that. You only want to buy your BB’s from a pro shop only because the quality insurance of those BB’s is much better.

2.1.5 Price Range

They range in price from 139-220 and that fits a lot of budgets and you get a lot of cool stuff with them like rail systems and all that stuff.

3. The different G&G Combat Machine Radar Series

The G&G Combat Machine exists of different series. I would like to discuss the pros and cons so that you can make your own choice.

3.1 The basic combat machine series

This machine has a version 2 gearbox which does not use bearings but instead of that it uses bushings, but you can forget that 😉

The motor inside the machine is marginal at best. This machine has a lower end kind of motor. Their perfect for the springs, motor and guns that shoot about 330-360 Feet Per Second. Anything over that, if you start modifying these guns, you really kind of messing up with what works.  The G&G gearbox is well designed for what it is in that range. If you start using a heavier spring you start to your going to crack off one of the internals. Besides that you also going to need a better motor and you also have to add power.

So these are the kind of guns that you buy and don’t modify. If they don’t function replace that part and keep it near stock.

This series has a really solid Hop-Up. The Hop-Up is made out of plastic but is very consistent over time. The spin of it is metal made.

3.1.1 Where to buy this airsoft Gun?

I always purchase my online tools and such off Amazon.com because they offer the most competitive prices and they are also a very safe site. If you are interested in purchasing this knife or you just want to check the current price, follow this link to Amazon. Buy it soon, the prices on Amazon are subject to change.

3.2 The G&G Radar Series

So going up from the Basic Combat Series, using the same internal gear box, next up the Radar Series. What is the difference between both Series?

Well, the radar is wider to the rear end it uses a non chuck style or dubble stick style battery in the crane stock. It also gives you the option of a rail system.

The radar does not give you carry handle but it gives you the chop M4 rear sight. It has also a tango down grip. This series exists of a short version and a  long and XL version with a longer rail.

The magazines are high cap. magazines but they have a downsize as if when you shoot like 20 rounds you have to rewind them.

When delivered with a battery and charger they do about in the $180 range.

3.2.1 Where to buy this Airsoft gun?

As I always bought my tools on Amazon, this gun type seems to be very competitive prices on Amazon. Follow this link to Airsoft Station  and check out if there are some G&G’s left. This one has an high torque motor and a shorter barrel, perfect for CQB.  If you prefer the longer barrel then check out this one by following this link to Airsoft Station.

3.3 The G&G R8 series

Sometimes it’s hard to see any difference but here are the main specifications and remarks:

–          It has a 11 inch rail system

–          It’s got a longer barrel than the standard series

–          It has a free float rail system

–          It’s made out of the same nylon resin

–          Contains the exact same internal gear box

–          It comes with this in point style scope; a red dot is included

–          A lot of people buying this one because of the $50 scope and a free float rail system included

–          It does come with the G26 style magazine with molding rubber grips on it

Delivered with a battery charger the price range is about 215 dollars.

Lately I saw a great one on Amazon. Since I ordered my stuff on Amazon I recommend others to do same. The price seems quite right to me. Follow this link to Amazon before prices are getting changed. This one includes a battery, a smart charger and a bag with 5,000 BB’s (0.2 gram).

3.4 Gas blow back combat machine Series

The Gas Blow Back Combat Machine is essentially a radar body with a Gas Blow Back Radar. Actually everything is the same but they put a drop in GBB system. That system runs on / uses a gas magazine with green gas.

This system is in the price range of around $150,- That is not much but a disadvantage are the relatively expensive magazines which runs about $50 each.

The beauty of this series is that they are fully automatic. Actually it’s not a blow back like other GBB’s but it’s a drop-in kit.

This one is still one of my favorites in 2019…;-)