Elite force M4 CQB

The Best Beginner Elite Force M4 CQB Airsoft Gun

Elite force M4 CQBBefore buying an Airsoft Gun, you always want to think about style, costs or your budget and if you want to accessorize or upgrade your gun.

The style depends on your role in the field. Do you want to be a commander, a sniper, a support or assault? As a beginner we do not recommend to choose your role as a sniper.

Besides the G&G Radar Machine we also recommend the Elite Force M4 for the beginner. It’s an overall great gun with a RIS (rail integrated system) to put some accessories on it like red dot scopes, lights and lasers.

What do you get with this M4 CQB?

Whit this gun you get a simple wall charger. If you don’t have an universal smart charger I recommend you get one because you don’t get the full charge in your battery every time.

Second you get a 8.4V non-chuck style battery with at the and a small MIA connector. Furthermore you get a vertical for grip with a quick disconnect feature, a cleaning un-jamming round, 2x 300 round high cap. plastic magazines with a wheel at the end which you have to wind in order to get the BB’s out.

The manual is quite good however it is for the carbine version.

You get also a 60 day warranty from the supplier.

Ok now let’s take a greater look at the Externals.


When we look at the externals a lot of details can be discussed instead of other cheaper guns. I found out that there are an enormous range of possibilities for accessories and upgrades. But let’s dive a bit deeper into the specs  of this gun and judge for yourself! Let’s take a look at the gun and discuss the main striking externals.

First we see a Plastic Flash Hider 14mm treads underneath; with a 14mm clockwise threaded outer barrel. What is exactly a flash hider? Well, a flash hider is also called a flash suppressor and is attached to the muzzle of a rifle and reduces the visible signature of the burning gases. Besides that it can also reduce the recoil but that to me is more a disadvantage. The purpose of the flash hider is 1.) reduce the change that the shooter will be blinded in dark conditions and 2.) it reduces the flash visible to the enemy.

Second main striking point besides the flash hider is the great 4 metal front rail system with a full metal triangle front sight and also a full metal rear sight gin. This rail system gives the ability to put accessories on because of the rail system that gives a lot of space in the front.

Third the body and the Pistolgrip are made from Nylon Fiber which gives this gun a great look and feel and pretty much as durable as a metal body. The pistol grip is pretty comfortable. They mold the body which creates a nice hand grip and that causes NO sharp corners which other cheap M4 guns does have.

Fourth we see a Crane Stock which is fully adjustable. That’s also the place where you house the battery in it. You can put the Crane Stock in and out with no problem at all and a nice amount of wire.

Finally I found out that the balance of this gun is quite good. That’s make it easy to hold up.


version 2 gear boxThis gun has an Version 2 Internal Gear Box in it. What is the difference? Well, you now be able to simply replace the spring instead of disassemble the entire gear box with the quick change spring feature.   How does that work? Well, you just get the gear box out of the lower receiver and then the back of it just comes right off and then you take the spring out and put a new spring in. You don’t need to open the gear box so that’s why this is a fantastic feature.

The Internal Barrel has a 6.05mm boor. Obviously it’s an anodised aluminium barrel, with a 265 barrel length.

The bushings are 8 mm oil bushings which is actually oil impregnated steal.

The body is made from Nylon Fiber and it’s 30% made of Fiber Glass which makes it extra strong.

In the body there is a metal gear house. The gears are also from steel of course.

And last but not least the motor is a 4000rpm motor.

Pros and Cons

Some things I don’t like about this gun:

Hop-Up1.       The plastic high cap. magazine. These magazines have feeding issues when it comes to playing a whole day. Just think about a spring which is to light. A fully compressed spring works fine but as it starts to uncompress it is not strong enough and doesn’t work properly.

2.       The Hop Up Wheel is difficult to operate when I was trying to adjust it because of the accuracy. To operate the wheel you have to have long nails 😉

Technical Specifications

Operation: Electric Automatic

Body: Full Metal Receiver, Stock Bar, Barrel, Pistol Grip

Firing Modes: Semi-Automatic and Full-automatic

Muzzle Velocity; 320-350 FPS (allowed for most indoor CQB)

Magazine: 300 round high capacity (gear wind up)

Gearbox: Full metal

Hop-Up: Adjustable

Weight: 5.25 pounds

Lenght: 30.25” (extended) 27” (collapsed)


Ammo Type: 0.2g or heavier.

We recommend GoldenBall ProSlick BB’s

Or course this one is also available in BLACK!

Interested ?

I always buy my guns from Amazon since they can provide competitive prices and it’s a very safe site. Find out more on this gun and follow this link to Airsoft Station. Don’t wait! This gun is regularly out of stock! The prices on the Airsoft Station website are subjected to change!!