kWA CQR mod 1 review

The very well built KWA CQR mod1 AEG Airsoft Rifle Gun

Upgraded KWA CQRFor all of you new Airsoft players out there, I know from me that it is a hard task trying to look through all of these manufacturers to find a gun that fits best what I needed. And maybe you are a intermediate player and want something else. Even then it’s still a hard task to find a gun which fits your needs.

A lot of you talks about budgets and quality and then KWA comes in with their name and quality that pop up behind the product and budget of a $190 dollar for the KWA CQR mod 1. For me it was a clear choice….

This KWA CQR (Close Quarter Rifle) mod1 AEG Airsoft Rifle is a $190 gun and is a relatively expensive beginners gun, because this gun comes not with a battery and charger. Internally this gun is built very well and it comes with the KWA2 Gearbox which is very well made.
Overall I does recommend this gun. It’s a 350 FPS right out of the box gun, built solid internally and externally. I definitely recommend this gun for all beginners and even for intermediate players.

Let’s getting a bit deeper into the specs of this M4.


The rate out of the box is that they shot with a velocity of rate around 320-350 (with .20g BB) which is ideal for most Airsoft fields.

It’s barrel length is 14.5 inch and the magazine capacity holds 120 rounds.

Some of the great features on this rifle is that internally you have:

1.       The 2 GX KWA full metal Gearbox

2.       The 2G high performance bucking (it is the rubber part of the Hop-up arm pushes into the BB to put spit on it) which results in a great accuracy.

3.       Full metal alloy flat top receiver

4.       Polymer lower receiver

5.       Rail on top

6.       Trigger rep is really nice and specious

7.       Sling mounts options

8.       The rail is about 7 inch long

9.       Fire modus: Semi/Full-Auto, Safety

10.     Adjustable Hop-Up

Due to velocity limits at indoor arenas, the CQR series is designed to fire at lower velocities, maximizing safety during CQR engagements.

Unfortunately the battery and charger are sold separately. With this gun you shouldn’t buy a Lipo battery but a standard 9.6V (small butterfly type recommended) battery. It can save your internals because the speed can stress out any part of an AEG, good quality or not. You can follow this link to the Amazons battery and Charger (Tenergy) which will do quite well with this gun.

The Appearance

The look and feel of this gun is like a standard M4 style with a adjustable butt-stock and M4 grip. It’s a very nice looking M4 style Rifle, it’s super clean gun, I like the all black, the for grip is really nice, the hold is really comfortable and last but not least the rail on top is really nice.

Now let’s dive in to the functionality of this gun.


I tested this gun and it performed really well. It has a good response and a very good rate of fire on auto. Also the response on semi auto is very good. It has a decent weight too; it’s no to heavy as it’s not to light in my opinion. It’s an extremely reliable gun, it’s really accurate and it has got about a good range anywhere from about 100-150 feet, maybe a little bit further. This guns comes – stock in the box – with a 120K magazine and shoots beautifully so I recommend to buy a bunch of these 120K magazines.


This gun has a polymer lower receiver. The upper body is made from alloy metal which is very solid and strong and will never disappoints you or will let you down in any situation. I also experienced no wiggle when I was running around an shooting with it. Several other guns has some kind of wiggle especially around the magazine which causes feeding problems. This gun is very solid made; no wiggle.


However this gun is relatively expensive – it felt in the upper range of $150-$200 which is actually not that much expensive – it is definitely worth the value. Besides from the charger and battery which are sold separately, you really have a lot of features with this M4. I think you get a good fun for that price.

KWA makes really solid good quality guns so usually anything can go wrong with some point or another but KWA are excellent guns that put you through every game you’d go to and keep you in the game. You also have the options to do add-ons.

KWA makes good quality stuff and you definitely going to make it through all of your fights; with fire fights, with showdowns anything like that. I definitely recommend it to the beginner but also to intermediate players.

Are you interested?

If you are interested in purchasing this gun just follow this link to the KWA M4 CQR mod1 AEG Airsoft Rifle. I always buy my outdoor supplies on Amazon since they can offer the most competitive prices.


If you are going to buy this one, at some point you want a metal replacement for it because the polymer lower receiver will crack once (as is always the case ;-). That’s a cons of this gun because it is not the best quality but that’s why it is an affordable gun. Once it crack the two piece hop up will separate a little bit which causes a miss of fire. Actually this gun is then useless until you replace the receiver. I recommend a metal lower receiver as a replacement. Adding a metal lower receiver has it’s advantages because it feels like a much more solid rifle.

Drop-In rail systemSecond upgrade is adding a upper rail on it if you want a drop-in rail system.  This handguard rail system, which is fully constructed out of metal, customizes your rifle and let you attach lights, grips and other rail accessories.

Furthermore you can put the alloy stock of and put on a crane stock. I ordered this one on Amazon which is quite good and solid for my M4 based gun. I prefer a crane stock because it’s a lot more comfortable than my old one.

This gun shoots 320-350 out of the box. Some of the upgrades you can do is add a non-ported cylinder piston head. Once we replaced it the FPS should shoot at 360-380.

Another upgrade could be a 11volt Lipo battery. The version 2 Gearbox take the Lipo pretty well. The only thing running a Lipo on this gun is that the motor is a little bit weak for a 11V Lipo. So it tens to overspin the motor and you get one BB wil come out and since the Gearbox does already kind of cycled half way through the next shot the second BB won’t have the compression so it just will kind of fall out.  So out of the box you probably want a 9.6V nickel metal high dried battery until you upgrade the motor.

With a good rail system you can put also a red green dot gun sight scope on your 20mm rail. Convenient to be installed on 20mm rail (0.79 inches) weaver and picatiny rail. If you like using a scope then follow this link to Airsoft Station and check out this great Scope!

Upgraded KWA CQR Besides all of these extra options you also can go for the UPGRADED RIFLE which has a better base for more accessories and has the advantages that many upgrades are done for you! What do you get? Well, see for yourself and see below the upgraded (that’s what I call it) version.

So if you want to save time and money then follow this link to Airsoft Station and check for specifications!