ICS M4 commando

The Durable ICS M4 Sportline Commando Airsoft Gun

ICS M4 commandoThe ICS M4 Sportline Commando is a great gun for the beginner but also for the intermediate player. It is a mid-priced range gun and does not include – as most of the Airsoft guns- a battery and charger.  It’s made of full palmer – which is not a cheap construction – and it’s very well made. The internals of it does have version 2 gearbox and a split gearbox. ICS is known for making high quality parts.

What do you get with this gun?

Well, if you order this gun you will get a box with:

  1. A pretty decent manual that tells you everything you need to know
  2. A 450 round high capacity magazine which is a little longer than what we used to see in 300   rounds magazines. High capacity magazines are that you fill the magazine through a little door up here on top and then you have to wind it up to get the spring wound up to get the BB’s out.
  3. Front sight adjusting tool to adjust the elevation of the front sight
  4. A little barrel plug to put on the end of the barrel
  5. A sample bottle of BB’s
  6. Cleaning and unjamming rod

Let’s now take  a look at the externals of this gun.


This gun has really solid externals. Let’s take a bit closer look at the externals, beginning with the front to the back of this gun.

It has a plastic flash hider on the front which does not tread shooting at all.

This gun is built on a basic M4 platform but has a really cool concept stock –  as what they call it –  at the rear end. You can adjust it in and out.

Furthermore it has a 14mm counter clockwise threads underneath and the barrel is a one piece outer metal barrel.

Going further we see a plastic handguard which houses the battery. That being said, this gun does not include a battery and charger. Why? The higher end guns usually don’t come with them because the supplier already know that the the player is going to buy their own battery or will be using a special battery for it, so they are not going to dump a cheap battery with it.

The battery is a 9.6V battery and works great with this gun.

On top of the gun you have a carry handle that will come of and reveal a flat top rail. Besides that it has also several sling mounts. Furthermore it has a metal upper and lower receiver which is very nicely done with also the ICS marks on the side.

Overall it has a great look. The M4 platform is a great platform for customization but you start off wit ha cool looking stock which is different from most guns out there on the field so that will set you apart from other player.


One of the great features of this gun is that it has a gearbox release which is nice because you have to know how to use your gun. Especially when firing on full auto, you’re going to want to decompress the spring so that you don’t lose power over time.

with most guns you have to put in the semi, take a few shots and that will decompress the spring on the gun. With this gun you just simply pullover a lever and it will decompresses the spring. A nice feature and great for the durability of your gun!

For the new Airsoft players, this gun is very customizable so if you want to change your handguard for instance or put a rail upfront then this gun is the right one because this M4 based gun is very customizable.

Next this gun does have a split gearbox design that ICS is famous for with their M4’s.

The inner parts of  this gearbox are made out of steal and it’s easy to grease because a split gearbox is very easy to maintain. Remove one split piston and you can open the entire gearbox to maintain it!

This is very user-friendly so for the new player who doesn’t want to take the gearbox out as little spring as all the small parts in their so at least with you can open it with a piston and grease it without having taking apart the entire gearbox.

Check out this video where the Takedown pin is explained to you:

The split gearbox is also an advantage if you want a little more FPS or if you want to replace the spring. With most M4 you have to take the whole gearbox out and open the entire gearbox  but with this gun you can pull out the upper, take the screws out of it and all that you have in their is the piston head, cylinder, the spring and spring guide so it’s easy to change the spring and everyone can do it! For the new player this makes great sense!

The inner barrel is made from aluminium and has an adjusted Hop-up. The style is more a like the G36 style. The ICS has also a fantastic Hop-Up chamber.

The motor is a ICS turbo 3000 motor with both a 8.4V and 9.6V battery. It’s a quality motor and been for a long time on the market. The performance of this motor is really great.


I Highly recommend this gun if you want a M4 with a metal body.

The ICS guns are known for their durability. Rumours about the splitbox that it is less durable is totally not the case, in fact when the split gearbox cracks of break (which never happens) it can be fixed very fast! This gun has also great features like a metal or plastic body and has a durability that last for a long time. Last but not least it’s easy upgradable!

The performance is what I most like and it’s a great deal to get you a great gun.

Where to buy?

I always purchase my guns and accessories on Amazon because they are trustworthy and the can provide the lowest price because they are a huge company. Via this link you will be redirect to this great gun on Amazon where you can check out the price and the specs of this gun.  See you on the Airsoft field!