Quality Airsoft BBs Cost

How Much Do Quality Airsoft BBs Cost?

Ammo is a big part of the cost of playing Airsoft—or is it? A bottle of 5,000 premium quality 0.25g BBs goes for around $15, andis usually enough for a six-hour MilSim battle. 

In this sense, airsoft is very affordable compared to other shooting sports such as archery or paintball. 

Having said that, the price of airsoft BBs varies depending on factors such as:

  • Weight—heavier BBs cost more
  • Quality—high-end BBs are more expensive than low-quality ones
  • Type—biodegradable BBs, tracers, and other special types of BBs cost more
  • Brand—some big brands cost more than less popular brands for the same quality

Case in point, a 5,000-count pack of premium G&G 0.20g BBs costs $15. A similar pack of 0.28g BBs will cost you $27.50. That is a $12.50 difference and these costs add up over time if you play often.

To fully answer the question on how much quality BBs cost, we need to look deeper into these different factors. Let’s explore the cost of various categories of airsoft BBs and some tips on how to save money on airsoft ammo.

Table of Contents

  1. This Is How Much Airsoft BBs Will Cost You
  2. How to Spend Less on Airsoft BBs: 4 Cool Tips
  3. Frequently Asked Questions
  4. Airsoft Accessories and Supplies You Can Trust

This Is How Much Airsoft BBs Will Cost You

If you have been playing airsoft for a while, you will agree that the sticker price of BBs isn’t the biggest problem. The challenge is finding quality BBs that will fire consistently.

While premium BBs are usually more expensive, their benefits far outweigh the cost. First, let’s see how much you can expect to pay for different types and brands of BBs in the market today.

Types of Airsoft BBs and Their Prices

A look into the dynamics of BB prices tells us one important thing: the brand you buy matters. 

As we have already mentioned, heavier BBs cost more. Therefore, it makes sense to compare prices based on weight and brand. 

The table below lists the market prices of some common brands of BBs by weight.

Weight Category Brand and BB Count Price
0.20g Evike Max Precision, 5,000 BBs $14.85
0.25g Elite Force Premium Bio, 2,700 BBs $19.99
0.28g Valken Accelerate Bio, 5,000 BBs $27.99
0.32g Aim Green Biodegradable, 2,500 BBs $19.97

These are significant price differences, so it is important to select the right type of ammo to give you the best value for your money. 

Biodegradable vs Standard BBs

Biodegradable BBs, usually known as bio BBs, are more expensive than standard BBs. They come from polylactide (PLA), a product of corn or sugarcane starch that costs more.

Manufacturing and quality control processes also vary between standard and bio BBs. The table below compares the prices of some weight categories of biodegradable BBs.

Weight Category Brand and BB Count Price
0.20g GameFace Match Grace Bio, 2,000 BBs $19.30
0.20g MetalTac Perfect Grace, 5,000 BBs $18.50
0.25g Lancer Tactical Seamless Bio, 4,000 BBs $22.95
0.28g Lancer Tactical White Ball Bio, 5,100 BBs $25.00
0.32g Aim Green Bio, Premium Smooth, 2,500 BBs $19.97

From this price comparison, you can see that bio BBs are rarely more than $5 above the cost of standard BBs. Even better, they perform as well as standard BBs. Since bio BBs are also good for the environment, it’s a good idea to use them in all your airsoft games.

Special Types of BBs and Their Prices

Apart from standard and bio BBs, there are also some special types of BBs whose prices are different. The two main examples are tracers and sniper BBs.

Well MBOB airsoft sniper rifle that fires at 450-480 FPS
  • Tracer BBs come coated with a special compound that glows in the dark when exposed to UV light. You need to use them with a tracer unit
  • Sniper BBs are BBs in special weight classes, usually 0.32g and above. They are designed for use with high-powered sniper replica guns due to their weight. Sniper BBs are also produced to higher quality standards and come in unique colors. 

The prices of these types of BBs can vary widely. Let’s compare some of the more commonly available brands, categories, and their prices.

Type and Weight of BBs Brand Price
Tracer, 0.20g Biodegradable Lancer Tactical, 2,000 BBs $17.99
Tracer, 0.23g Biodegradable Lancer Tactical, 2,000 BBs $19.99
Tracer, 0.28g Standard Lancer Tactical, 4,000 BBs $33.99
Tracer, 0.32g Standard Lancer Tactical, 3125 BBs $25.50
Sniper, 0.40g Standard Lancer Tactical Eco-Ammo, 2,500 BBs $35.99
Sniper, 0.40g Bulldog Airsoft Dark Sniper, 2000 BBs $24.99
Sniper, 0.43g BioShot Bio Super Slick, 400 BBs $15.99
Remember that heavy bbs

While at it, remember that heavy BBs have a lot of energy. They can cause injury at close quarters or even damage sensitive replica components on impact. Since optics are especially vulnerable, we recommend investing in a sight guard from I Am Black Lion.

Man in glasses, aiming with the gun

What Factors Affect the Cost of Airsoft BBs?

In our experience, more expensive BBs are usually of better quality. Some of the factors that sets premium BBs apart from the cheap ones include: 

  • Polishing: The best BBs are polished several times to remove seams and other surface imperfections. 
  • Size tolerance: High-quality BBs have size tolerances of 0.01mm or better.
  • Quality control: Strict quality control is necessary to ensure consistent quality from batch to batch.
  • Material and forming processes: The best BBs are made of fresh raw materials (not recycled) and are free of internal flaws such as air bubbles.
  • Packaging: How BBs are packaged can affect how well they keep during shipping and in storage. The main types are bottles and plastic bags.

Some manufacturers are able to lower their prices by compromising on these important quality checks. The best ones use a variety of processes to produce high-quality BBs. 

In the video below, Novritsch gives us a clear look into what goes on behind the scenes to produce premium-quality airsoft BBs.

From this detailed video, we can see why premium BBs are more expensive. They undergo more strict quality control processes, are made of better materials, and use high-tech machines for production and quality control.

game face asp512

How to Spend Less on Airsoft BBs: 4 Cool Tips

Did you know that experienced airsoft players use much less ammo than beginners? A beginner might go through 3,000 BBs while a veteran player only needs 1000 BBs during objective-based gameplay.

Here are four tips that will show you how veterans manage to save money.

Tip #1. Understand How and When to Fire

While amateurs like to “spray and pray,” veteran players thrive on stealth tactics. They understand the range of their weapons, how to approach targets without being spotted, and how to be a team player. 

Unless you’re the designated support gunner, conserve your ammo and fire only when you’re sure of the target.

testimonial from SRG United States

Tip #2. Buy BBs in Bulk

Buying BBs in bulk is cheaper in the long run than buying in small units. For example, you can get a bulk deal of 25,000 Elite Force Premium 0.20g BBs for $74.99. This would save you $25 if you had to buy them in batches of 5000.

Many stores also have regular sales, so you can stock up to save even more money.

Tip #3. Use the Right Weight Category

In most cases, the lighter 0.20g BBs are more than enough for indoor and some outdoor applications. These BBs are cheaper than the heavier 0.25g or 0.28g categories.

Heavier BBs only make sense when your airsoft battle is outdoors in windy conditions or thick bushes. In such cases, 0.28g BBs will give you far better accuracy. Any BBs heavier than these are reserved for snipers.

Tip #4. Use Cheaper BBs for Practice

If you practice a lot buy lighter but reliable BBs for target practice. You can also use cheap BBs in airsoft grenades to further save costs. Use cheap BBs in cheap guns such as pistols and bolt-action shotguns to avoid damage to expensive replica guns.

Frequently Asked Questions

How much will I spend on BBs during a game?

A bottle of BBs will be more than enough to get you through a whole day of play. Many of the common weights of BBs, such as 0.20g or 0.25g, will come in packages of about 5,000 BBs. Such a package of premium BBs should cost between $15 and $25 depending on the brand.

Most people agree that you will use only 1,000–3,000 BBs in one day of extensive gameplay, so one package is enough.

Are expensive BBs worth it? 

Premium BBs may be expensive, but they are worth the cost. They will be smoother, better polished, have tighter size tolerances, and very few internal flaws. All these features contribute to better accuracy and less chances of damaging your replica gun. 

How much does a bottle of BBs cost? 

While cheap BBs can cost as little as $10 or less for a 5,000-count package, high-quality BBs are a little more costly. Expect to pay anywhere from $15 for 5,000 premium BBs, and even more for heavier and biodegradable BBs.

Is airsoft an expensive hobby?

Airsoft is an affordable hobby when you’re a beginner. It is much cheaper compared to other shooting sports such as paintball or archery. With $200, you can get a cheap rifle, some basic protection gear, and pay the fees to an airsoft field near you. 

However, airsoft can become expensive once you start buying high-end equipment and accessories.

Airsoft Accessories and Supplies You Can Trust

Once you make the decision to splurge on your airsoft equipment, your game will improve. You will shoot better, feel more confident, and stay safer.

High-quality airsoft BBs protect you from injury and your rifle from possible damage. But what about protecting your replica gun from BBs fired by others?

This is where I Am Black Lion sight guards come in. Our guards protect your optical sights. often the most vulnerable component of your rifle. 

Whether moving around in dense brush or firing high-energy BBs, a good sight guard will keep your optics safe .

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Customer review appreciating the quality and design of I Am Black Lion sight guards

In addition to having quality BBs, order your sight guard here and take your opponents on without fear.