Using your Airsoft replica for Self defence…Or even Home defense?

I got this question many times: Can I use my Airsoft replica for self defense or home defense? Well, that’s a bit of a strange use for an Airsoft replica. It’s not a real weapon so why should you use it for self defense? To deter the burglar? Really?

So can you use your Airsoft replica as a home defense weapon? No, definitely not! Airsoft replica’s are merely designed specifically for people to shoot each other with, and not cause any kind of permanently bodily harm.

But what else can you use your Airsoft replica for? Maybe it’s an idea to train yourself on how to defend yourself and how to manipulate (manipulation skills) your Airsoft replica…? And maybe learn some marksmanship skills? As many people are scared when training with a real gun it’s a good way to learn proper techniques and get yourself ready for such kind of situations…

Can I Use my Airsoft replica as a Weapon?

First we have to ask ourselves whether an Airsoft replica is a weapon or not. Is it a weapon and do we aim to use it that way? For that question we have to know what’s in the law right? Well, the Federal Government classifies Airsoft replica’s as toys officially.  It’s not a weapon or something that’s controlled by the Federal Government.

So you can do everything you want with it? No, there are laws that stated how you have to treat those toys and what is allowed. What me surprised is the use of the word toy. In law, it has been used several times. Is it actually a toy? Well, I don’t think so. In many cases minors need supervision from their parents. You can call it a toy anyway but in fact it’s a device that fires a projectile round and with that comes the responsibility that we should all be taking part of.

And so if you want to defend yourself with an Airsoft replica, think about what could happen when you’re standing there with your Airsoft replica in front of an intruder. Well, now what? Do you try to scare them of and guessing that the intruder runs away? I hope you get my drift on this one. So don’t show up to a gunfight with a knife or worse yet show up to a gunfight with an Airsoft replica. And besides that, you will immediately betrayed by the orange tip on your replica!

What Else Can You Do?

Have you ever thought about learning the right skills to defend yourself? You are probably not only interested in how to defend yourself with an Airsoft replica, but also on how to defend yourself in general, Right? Otherwise you didn’t think about defending yourself with an Airsoft replica.

Practice with a real firearm is difficult because you have to go to a shoot house to train. And how many people have access to a real life shoot house? With an Airsoft replica you can work some skills out – such as manipulating the replica and marksmanship skills – which you can’t with a real firearm. With an Airsoft replica you can learn all of the manipulating skills like drawing, clearing and loading. Marksmanship is more about learning where to put the dot or the front and rear sight of the replica you are shooting.

Home defense: How to Defend Yourself at Home…

So, I would not recommend using your Airsoft replica as a weapon. It purpose is not to defend yourself but for game play only.

Another question we often get is: Can I use my Airsoft replica for rodent control? Well, that’s actually a good question. I have asked myself that question many times in the past when I had some problems with squirrels and raccoons getting into my garbage cans..

squirrel in your garbage can..?

Actually I don’t like to kill animals so I merely wanted to chase them off without killing them. An Airsoft replica is a pretty good option for doing that. It will not kill them but you make them go away and that’s what you want right?

But coming back to the point where we started: How to defend yourself against an intruder? Well, for that I don’t recommend an Airsoft replica but I’d rather would go for a baseball bat or a good old fashioned shotgun. You can buy these things at Walmart for almost the same price as your Airsoft replica. A little warning here! Always check the laws from your state / region if it’s allowed to possess a real firearm and what is allowed to do with that!  

Hopefully you don’t experience such situation that you have to defend yourself with a real firearm. But if you will be forced to use it, the sound of these things is usually enough to get the intruder’s attention. He then maybe run away. And if he don’t? You now can take care of it either way.

If you really want this type of gun I advise you to get involved in some kind of selfdefense program where you drill it into yourself and your reactions are purely instinctual rather than doing something in the heat of the moment without knowing what you are doing. So you really have to take this seriously.

A Final Word

An Airsoft replica is not a tool for selfdefense! Instead you can use it for homedefense to get a way some squirrels or raccoons. Probably such situations are more appropriate for BB guns as they are designed for target shooting and not for game play.
To get intruders away from you home I’d advise you to install an alarm system. If that is too expensive for you, then install a passive alarm system so that you don’t have to pay a monthly bill.
Flood lights around your home are also a great way for homedefense. Besides that you can simply install a security camera at your front and back door. So you see you can do several things in order to defend your home from intruders.
Using an Airsoft replica can cause injury but simply don’t have the required stopping power. That means that it isn’t able to cause a target to be incapacitated, and thus stop the target.

Related Questions

Can Airsoft guns kill animals? No. as well as BB guns, Airsoft guns are not appropriate for killing animals: BB’s are to weak and steel BB’s and do not deform in game. Furthermore, BB’s are to small in caliber to do enough damage. Use pellet (guns) instead.

Can Airsoft guns be deadly? No. Airsoft replica’s fire at a velocity of 400-700fps which can cause any harm but not kill.