Does it Hurt My Airsoft AEG When Playing in The Rain?

A common question among a beginner Airsoft player: Can I play Airsoft in the rain? And does it affect my Airsoft replica and other gear?  I totally understand that you are careful with your Airsoft replica. Buying an Airsoft replica is a huge expense for most beginners and you don’t want to damage your Airsoft replica on your first Milsim. Actually I did… So as it is raining today I thought today would be a perfect time to talk about this topic.

So does it really hurt my Airsoft gun when playing in the rain? Playing Airsoft in the rain won’t hurt or damage your Airsoft replica. Overall Airsoft replica’s are pretty water resistant, however they are not waterproof. For electric and gas powered Airsoft replica’s it’s pretty much the same.

As rain is not always predictable, it’s obviously clear that it has it’s pros and cons for the game. Some like it some don’t. But it has definitely an impact on your Airsoft replica and even on your gear. But first, how about your replica when it starts to rain?

Rain: What will happen with my Airsoft replica?

Have you ever played Airsoft in the rain? No? Afraid to get malfunction or to damage your Airsoft replica? -;) Actually, playing Airsoft in the rain is one the greatest experiences you can have! Despite the fact that I was miserable out it was one of the coolest games I have ever had that day. It just adds the atmosphere like a large Milsim event and really makes you embrace the suck ( a military term which means “To consciously accept or appreciate something that is extremely unpleasant but unavoidable)….So that you know 😉

So talking about the issue whether rain can hurt your Airsoft replica or not, I really think that rain won’t hurt your Airsoft replica. Unless you are doing something stupid with it like falling in a puddle or throw it in a mud…Yea, then you could get some damage to your Airsoft replica internally. But even then, when you immediately maintain it when your back home, I don’t think it would really hurt your Airsoft replica.

The biggest problem with an AEG is for sure the primary electrical system. So if you bought a standard AEG – no MOSFET- and no electronic trigger systems – I think your Airsoft replica is pretty bullet proof. As long as the battery, and the connectors around the battery don’t get wet you stay in the game…

Credit to yiorgosm

Another weak point on your replica is the motor grip (pistol grip). This is especially the case with M4 replica’s. But some of them do have a vent on the end cap. Ak’s instead are pretty well sealed.

So is rain really that bad for your Airsoft replica? Well, I think it depends on what you do and how you treat your Airsoft replica. I’ve seen people submerge their AEG’s and pull them out of water and they still function… Not saying that you would make a habit of it…;-)

The only thing I try to say here is that you don’t have to be over obsessed with it. In general, most good quality Airsoft replica’s are water resistant where moisture should not be a problem at all…

Is my replica with electronic trigger system on MOSFET Safe in the Rain?

What is actually MOSFET? Well, first start with the definition of MOSFET: Metal-Oxide-Semiconductor Field-Effect Transistor. This is a voltage controlled device which controls the flow of electricity, commonly used as a switch.

On replica’s that has MOSFET I would definitely advise you to take it a lot more careful. I’ve seen a lot of people that waterproof their circuit board so that they have an exposed MOSFET circuit board like some of the new classic army ones and some new G&G replica’s.

Those replica’s has the MOSFET in the buffer tube.  If you are concerned about moisture in there, you can do several preparations in order to prevent your Airsoft replica form malfunction.

However, small type Kamiya and e-connectors are still pretty water resistant because they have some kind of casing around them.

Ways to waterproof your replica

To waterproof your Airsoft replica you can:

  1. Use waterproof electronic spray: You can spray the electronic wired system with electronic spray if you are really finicky with moisture in your Airsoft replica. But if you have a standard AEG with a micro switch trigger in there you’re probably okay. With the MOSFET replica’s I would definitely be more careful. Personally I would waterproof them. Please don’t submerge them in water. If you don’t you should be okay.   
  2. Electric tape: If you just bought your Airsoft replica, do not immediately take a screw driver and be obsessed with moisture. Use some electric tape when you change your battery. At the same time you can do a little tape around the connector. Just to help waterproof it and to take some precaution.
  3. Silicon Tape: This tape works even better to waterproof the connection from the battery to where it’s plugged into the gun. Besides the connector I’d advise you to also tape the motor grip (pistol grip). That’s the one you holding in your hand like with an M4. AK’s are normally pretty well sealed but M4’s aren’t, especially on the end cap.
  4. The only time that you have an exposed wire or opening to your Airsoft replica is the pistol grip. If you holding your replica upside down or throwing it in the mud, you will get some dirt in you buffer tube as well as your connectors.   

In summary, I still think that most Airsoft replica’s should be fine in rain, even with cheap brands such as CYMA. When they get wet, they will still function without major problems as the electronic parts, other than the motor, is usually insulated by the gearbox, which itself is protected by a fully covered plastic/metal shell constructing the gun itself.

You still need to be careful when your Airsoft replica contains MOSFET/any weird electronic gadgets mounted onto it that isn’t waterproof. If you did upgrade your Airsoft replica, then also be aware of this kind of problems. It may short circuit your replica.

Prevent Malfunction

In the end it’s unavoidable that it will rain unexpectedly. What do you do then? Quit playing Airsoft or stay in the game? -;) Well, if it’s only drizzle I should stay in the game. If it start’s heavy raining for a longer time then I would discuss with my teammates what to do. Probably we take a break…

If you played in the rain for a while, you need to be sure that you maintain your Airsoft replica properly. This is important because rain will cause corrosion. And if you don’t disassemble your replica and wipe the gun dry after done playing, potential rusting of steel/corrosion of any other metals and crippling of plastic shells will occur.

Other problem is moisture in your red dot sight which lead to degradation of your scope. So be sure to maintain your whole replica after playing in the rain!

So what can you do now, to prevent your replica from malfunction?

First you need to be aware of getting snow / rain in your barrel or workings of your replica. If to much comes inside, it could crack some of the insides. Therefore you can use:
1. A bipod for support: A bipod will raise the barrel off of the ground and help prevent it from being exposed to the elements.
2. Barrel cover: A barrel cover is kind of a sock that you can pull over the barrel. Some of them are made so that they won’t come off even when you shoot with your replica.
3. An unjamming rod: Use some gun lube which helps get out all of the debris that could harm your barrel. Maintain your Airsoft replica regularly and you will notice that you have very few problems when playing in the rain. However, when water slips into the barrel, it always bring some pieces of dirt into the barrel. And wet dirt will also be more likely to jam.

If you want a good quality Airsoft replica which can be used during rainy gameplay then you should definitely check my recommended Airsoft replica page!

Related Questions

What are the advantages of playing Airsoft in the rain? Well, in short rain provides an added element to the realism, it tends to slow down your opponent and transform terrain to your advantage (like foliage that becomes soggy)

What are some disadvantages of playing Airsoft in the rain? Well, as it slow down your opponent, it also can slow you down. For some players it’s more challenging to maneuver. Bad weather (wind) has an impact on your BB trajectory and terrain can be harder to navigate.