How to Help Airsoft Welts and Bruises Heal Faster(and prevent)

I still remember the day that I started playing Airsoft. The nervousness I had, the fear like what is it going to be like, and the fact that I didn’t know anyone out there frightened me. You probably have (had) the same. But did you also think about how it’s like to get shot? Well, “that’s part of the game” you probably would say. Ok, but know that Airsoft sometimes does hurt and can cause bruises and welts even if you are well prepared…  So what can you do about it and how can you prevent welts and bruises?

So how to heal Airsoft welts and bruises faster? To help heal Airsoft welts and bruises faster treat them in this sequence: clean the wound, use a cold compression (15m / 1 hour rest) the first day, use a hot compression the next day (15m / 1hour rest) and add some natural remedies like extra vitamin C and K, taking a Epson Salt bath ( min. 30m) and apply Witch Hazel to reduce pain and swelling.

If you are brand new in the Airsoft sport you may not have gotten one yet. Then this is THE moment to figure out how to avoid them. If you already have one, maybe on this right moment, then you will learn how to treat them and let them heal faster.

What to Expect When Playing Airsoft?

Airsoft is a combat simulation sport. But to simulate combat effectively, you must face consequences when you are shot. What are those consequences and how can you avoid them?

First you need to know that Airsoft does hurt sometimes. That’s not only the case when you get shot. In combat simulation you have to deal with uneven ground, a variety of obstacles and different weather conditions. So it depends on your agility and adaptability how you react on your surroundings and in different situations. You not only can get hurt from getting shot but also from climbing a wall or falling on the ground.

So many things can happen in Airsoft and you have to realize that it’s not only about getting shot.

How Does It Feels Like Getting Shot in Airsoft?

In Airsoft it’s all about getting shot right? If you don’t want to get hurt, avoid BBs. Well that is one of the most ridiculous advices I’ve ever heard. Of course you don’t want to get hit because YOU want to take out your opponent and win the battle.

Avoiding BBs comes not only down to the use of your surroundings but also the use of Airsoft tactics, camouflage and concealment. For example, woodland requires other tactics and concealment than in CQB environment. I wrote as well as an article about Airsoft tactics for woodland and Airsoft tactics in CQB environment.

Being shot in Airsoft is part of the game. But does it always hurts? And what can you expect in terms of welts and bruises?

Well, how much it hurt depends on the range in which the BB was fired and the area of impact.

Normally yes, Airsoft does hurt a little bit. But the sting tends to wear away a little bit so you should not worry about that too much as long as you make sure that you wear proper protection, as it is recommended on most fields.  

So when does it really hurt? Well, Airsoft does really hurt when you are being shot within the 10-foot range. Most fields have a 10-feet rule regarding minimum engagement range. If somebody is within that 10-foot range, you are not allowed to engage because this can cause some serious welts and even bruises.  

Protective Gear is Key

When you are brand new in Airsoft, you may not be aware of how important proper protective gear really is. Till you get your first hit… Then you wish you had proper equipment. So don’t be cheap on protective gear.

With protective gear I don’t mean just sunglasses or safety goggles. No, I mean ANSI rated goggles and a full face mask to prevent you from getting welts and bruises on your face.

Military-style BDU or More Layers?
Outside of face protection, it’s a good idea to wear extra protection by putting more than one layer of clothing. Some more advanced players will say that a long sleeve shirt is appropriate but I do not agree.
Imagine that an average replica shoot 350fps – 450fps. If you bought the best beginner Airsoft replica – the G&G Combat Machine – then you shoot 350fps – 370fps! That can really hurt when somebody is shooting at you in close range. So my advice to you is, wear thicker materials. The thicker materials used in military-style BDU shirts and pants give you much greater protection! Check my recommended gear page and see what kind of possibilities you have in terms of proper protection!

Of course I started with my long sleeve too. You will have to find out by yourself what it feels like to get hit by an Airsoft BB. I assure you that you wish you had choose for better protection…

Protect your head from injuries

What Else Can We Do to Protect Ourselves?
Well, there is much more protective gear available to you like helmets, gloves, vests, goggles, padded pants and shirts. But I can also understand that you’re almost out of budget after buying your replica.

Anyway, some basic protective gear is necessary to stay bruise and welt free while enjoying your favorite pastime.

Besides face protection, a good helmet is necessary to protect your head and year eyes from serious damage.

After buying a helmet and face protection, you can continue to add protective gear until you are fully covered. But don’t overexert yourself.

I’d recommend you to bring some knee pads and good gloves after buying face protection and a helmet. You will probably stumble one time because of uneven ground and you will probably take some good shots on your knuckles.

How To Treat Common Injuries in Airsoft?

Now that you know how to prevent from getting injured, you are prepared to get to the battlefield. Despite your investment in protective gear, you get shot and a bruise is appearing under your skin. Ouch..! Now you will need to do something to treat it. But before you treat it, you need to be sure if it’s a bruise or a welt.

What is actually a welt?

A welt usually does not require any medical attention and are much more common than bruises. How do they look like? When the skin is raised and swelled it’s probably a welt. They occur most common on the hand especially on the knuckles.

And What are Bruises?

Bruises are worst than welts and less common. You recognize a bruise by purple to yellowish color skin and find them mostly in sensitive areas. They occur most often when you get hit in an exposed area at close range by a sniper rifle or high powered replica.

How to Treat Bruises?

As bruises are quite different from welts, the treatment is relatively the same.

Take a Epson Salt Bath for bruises

Clean the wound
Before the actual treatment you first should clean the bruise to prevent an infection. You can do that with soda. Then pat the area dry with a paper towel.

Use a Cold Compression
Now you can start with the actual treatment by taking a cold compression and a towel as a buffer. Put the towel around the bruise with the cold compression in between. Hold it there for 15m. Then wait an hour and again hold it on the welt for 15m. Repeat this process within a day as many as you are able to. The cold temperature causes the blood vessels to constrict. This reduces blood flow and inflammation in the infected area.

Use a Hot Compression
After the treatment with a cold compression you do the same with a hot compress. This can help reduce pain and swelling.

Take Over The Counter Painkillers
If the wound increase by swelling and inflammation you can treat it further by taking over-the-counter pain medications. This discomfort as well as swelling and inflammation. For example you can take Acetaminophen or Ibuprofen. But before you order some, contact your general practitioner or a pharmacist.  

Treat the Bruise With an Epson Salt Bath
You can also treat the wound with an Epson Salt bath. Take a bath for at least 30m which will help with any pain or soreness. Epson salt can be purchased at a drugstore.

Natural Solutions
There are several natural solutions but some of the really work. Vitamin C and vitamin K may help to heal a bruise faster.
Vitamin K cream can be purchased over the counter and is one of the best ways to treat Airsoft related bruises. Before you applying it make sure you follow all the instructions on the manual and even contact your general practitioner.

How to Treat a Welt?

Witch Hazel to treat welts

The treatment of welts is almost the same. Welts can be treated by a cold compress to reduce swelling and pain. Execute the same process as described the bruise treatment.
After one day us a warm compress and repeat the process as you did with the cold compress.
A welt can also benefit from an Epson Salt Bath but is not necessarily needed as with a bruise.
If you prefer a natural remedies you can choose Witch Hazel to reduce pain ans swelling.

How Long Will Bruises and Welts Last?

It depends on the size and area of the body that was affected. Welts normally last 1 our 2 days. Bruises can last a bit longer; from several days to a week. With proper treatment however, bruises and welts will go away much quicker and makes you feel much better in a shorter period of time.

Disclaimer: Before do anything please contact a specialist to be sure that you follow the right steps to heal welts and bruises faster without causing collateral damage